Here is everything that was shown at Google I / O 2022


After a couple of years of the pandemic, when it was difficult to hold full-fledged events, we again got a quality Google I / O conference. It was canceled back in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, Google held it almost behind closed doors.

However, now that the pandemic has subsided, the search giant is back with a big event. Google I/O 2022 was a very big event in terms of the new products presented. We will talk about them now. We have already talked about some of them on the pages of our website, but now we will put everything together so as not to miss anything.

Pixel Watch to launch alongside Google Pixel 7

There were rumors that Google will still show the Pixel Watch at this conference, but there were still doubts. Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of devices and services, demonstrated the device on his wrist. In terms of design, it looks exactly like the watch left at the restaurant last month, with a round, domed design and branded straps.

We have received some details about the device, including the fact that it will launch alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro and will come in Wi-Fi and LTE options. It will also be the first Wear OS watch with Fitbit integration, as Google talked about at last year’s I/O.

In addition to this small amount of information, Google decided not to talk about the novelty. But now we know for sure that the clock will be, and that’s good. We talked about watches in more detail in this article .


Strictly but tastefully.

First data on Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

We really didn’t expect Google to reveal the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro this early, but it did. Both devices will have a similar design to the Pixel 6 series, but with a slightly different camera shape that features a lot more recycled aluminum. This should strengthen the design. The cameras will most likely be the same as in previous models.

The phone will also be powered by the next-generation Tensor chipset, delivering more powerful AI capabilities. All this splendor will come out in the fall with the Pixel Watch. This means that we have several months of leaks and the possibility of guessing what this phone will be like. Here we talked more about the Pixel 6a.

Google Pixel 6a introduced

Of course, we can’t help but think of the Pixel 6a. The company has announced an impressive mid-range smartphone that will run on the same flagship chipset as its more expensive counterparts introduced half a year ago.

But the phone will have less camera hardware specs and the screen won’t get a 120Hz refresh rate. But it will be AMOLED with all the ensuing pluses and a fingerprint scanner on the screen.

The $449 price tag will more than make up for those concessions. This is sure to be one of the best budget Android phones on the market when it launches this July. It will also be sold in more countries than before. But Russia, of course, is not on the list and would not be in any case.

It’s good that the company chose this design.

Google tablet

We talked a lot about the tablet from Google, and now everything is gradually falling into place. The company has not released its own tablets for quite a long time, so the new devices were only at the level of rumors.

However, it makes sense given the new focus on tablets, foldables, and large-screen Android devices. The company has already started improving the software for tablets some time ago, and has now said that it will try to release a tablet in 2023 . I would like to believe that it will be good and will be able to compete with Samsung.

What’s New in Android 13 Beta 2

You can’t talk about the new Pixel without mentioning the latest version of Android. The new Android 13 has only been in beta for a couple of weeks, but Google has already released a second test version. It brings more changes to photo tools, improved theme options, and more.

Android 13 Beta 2 is also laying the groundwork for tablets and large-screen devices in preparation for the eventual release of the Pixel tablet. Google says it is updating more than 20 of its own apps to optimize for large screens and is working with partners to update apps like Facebook, TikTok and more.

Android 13 continues to evolve.

Google Wallet is back

Google Wallet is back, and this time it looks like it’s here to stay. Having recently given us a revamped Google Pay, the company is now shifting its focus to a full digital wallet. It will store not only payment cards, but also digital IDs, car keys, hotel keys, concert tickets and much more that developers can think of for the application.

Google Wallet will replace the old Google Pay app, which is still in use in most of the countries that support it. But it’s definitely not worth waiting for full-fledged work in Russia yet.

New Google Search

Of course, the Google conference wouldn’t be the same without talking about search and artificial intelligence. Google is improving its recently launched multi-search feature to allow users to search locally. This will make it easier to find what users are looking for.

Maps is also getting a new immersive interior look that will let you peek inside restaurants if you want to get a better feel for a place before making a decision. But it is hardly worth waiting for the rapid deployment of this feature. First, all or many must add support for it.

As everyone knows Google Search.

Google is also using artificial intelligence to help users opt out of “Hey Google” on Nest Hub Max devices. The update will use the camera to detect when the user is looking at the device so that it can accept any commands without special words .

When will the new Pixel Buds Pro come out?

Google finally has a pair of wireless active noise canceling headphones. This is to compete better with other wireless headphones from Samsung and even Apple.

Pixel Buds Pro have a stylish design and are available in multiple colors. In terms of battery life, expect up to 31 hours of listening time with the case, or about 11 hours without. Unlike the A-series Pixel Buds, they support wireless charging, so you can charge them with the Pixel cradle (2nd generation).

The new Pixel Buds Pro will go on sale with the Pixel 6a this July for just $199

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What’s up with Google Glass

Finally, Google CEO Sundar Pichai ended the keynote with a teaser of the new augmented reality glasses. We’re not sure if this is the new consumer-facing successor to Google Glass , but the gadget has been shown to translate speech in real time and display it for natural viewing by the user as they speak.


Perhaps someday this, or something like that, will become a reality.

There were rumors that Google wanted to develop augmented reality glasses. Not much has been said about them, so we’ll have to wait and see what we get, but it’s clear that Google is using its AI expertise to do something interesting.