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HER Net Worth

HER in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $3 Million.

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Full Biography of HER

HER’s personality has long been a mystery to fans, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a star. According to the artist, HER’s songs are like pages from a diary, where she shares her most intimate secrets. 

This is one of the reasons why they are so emotional and memorable, leaving a mark in the hearts of listeners for a long time.

Childhood and youth

Gabriella (Gaby) Wilson was born on June 27, 1997 in the American city of Vallejo, California. The early years of the celebrity’s life were spent in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she grew up in the family of an African American and a Filipina, being their eldest child.

The artist’s father was fond of music, played in a cover band. It is not surprising that HER gravitated toward creativity from childhood. Already at the age of 5 she began to sing, and at 8 she released her first collection of poems.

This would not have been possible without the participation of her parents, who supported the heiress in all endeavors. Mother often came up with names, based on which the girl created full-fledged songs, thereby honing her skills.

Wilson got her first experience of performing in front of a large number of spectators at the age of 9, playing the piano on the stage of the Apollo Theater in New York. She later appeared on the Today Show where she was recognized as a musically gifted child. There, the young performer was noticed by Alisha Keys, who became her mentor and inspiration.

In 2009, Gabriella made her first creative breakthrough. She sang at the ASCAP Awards and became a finalist for the Radio Disney project. Even then, the singer had a lot of fans, but everyone’s attention made her uncomfortable. 

The girl wanted people to be interested, first of all, in her work, and not in her personal life. So she decided to go into the shadows.


Wilson was only 14 years old when she signed a professional contract with Sony Entertainment. Later, the celebrity released the song Something to Prove and decided to take a break from her career again. 

In 2016, she returned to the stage, but already under the pseudonym “HER” This is an abbreviation for Having Everything Revealed – “Reveal Everything”.

According to Gabriella, the stage name was chosen for a reason. Although she refused to reveal the details of her biography at the time, fans could find answers in her work. That is, she did not reveal anything, but at the same time she revealed everything, expressing herself through songs. 

This concept was a success, because the girl managed to intrigue thousands of listeners, bit by bit collecting information about the rising star.

The artist’s debut mini-album was released on the RCA Records label and was called HER Volume 1. The release went without high-profile promotions and advertising campaigns, but hit the American national charts. 

Stars such as Alisha Keys, Kehlani and Usher took part in its distribution, advising fans to pay attention to the young singer. But most of all, Wilson was helped by Rihanna, who posted a video on the Instagram page with the song “Focus” as background music.

After that, the performer managed to enlist the support of the sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner who expressed their delight with the release. 

Later, NPR Radio included “HER” Volume 1 in the top 5 best R&B albums to listen to. And magazines like Forbes and The Rolling Stones mentioned HER in the lists of budding artists.

The release of the second mini-album – “HER” Volume 2 – was met with no less enthusiasm. To build on the success, the star released “HER” Volume 2, The B Sides, but it turned out to be less listened to and hardly entered the American charts.

In October 2017, the full-length album “HER” was released. It contained tracks from the EP and 6 new songs, including Best Part in a duet with Daniel Caesar. 

The record reached number 1 on the US Top R&B and won a Grammy award, which was a triumphant moment in the career of a hip-hop singer. She held several concerts in support of the collection, performing on the same stage with the stars of the music industry.

The next album, which expanded the artist’s discography, was called I Used to Know Her. Its release was also preceded by the release of EPs – I Used to Know Her: The Prelude and I Used to Know Her: Part 2. Shortly after the presentation of the record, Wilson performed at the Global Citizen Festival and Rock in Rio.

In 2020, the singer delighted fans with the release of Damage and Hold Us Together songs, as well as videos for them. After the tragedy that happened to George Floyd, HER wrote the song I Can’t Breathe, the title of which is the last words of the man who died due to police brutality.

The track became one of the anthems of the BLM movement, calling to get rid of the prejudice against blacks from both law enforcement officers and society.

Personal life

Despite the fact that Wilson began to devote more time to personal interaction with fans and the press, she is still in no hurry to talk about her relationship.

It is known that in the past Gabriella has already experienced love failures, which was reflected in her work. Now the performer is focused on her career, so photos from performances and public events often appear on her Instagram account.

HER now

In 2021, Wilson again won the Grammy, which she received in the category “song of the year” for I Can’t Breathe.

And the track Better Than I Imagined, created in collaboration with Robert Glasper and Michelle Ndegeosello, was recognized as the best in the R&B genre. This was another proof of the talent of the performer, who continues to create, releasing new hits.


  • 2017-HER
  • 2019 – I Used to Know Her

Interesting Facts about HER

  • HER weighs about 58 kg and is 160 cm tall.
  • Glasses are an integral attribute of the artist’s image. She likes Nordstrom Rack, Ray-Bans and Gucci brands.
  • The songs of the star are heard in the TV series “White Crow”, “13 Reasons Why” and “Council of the Fathers”. In 2021, Fight for You, which became the soundtrack to the film Judas and the Black Messiah, received an Oscar nomination.
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