Heading for versatility? USI revealed the Google tablet chip


In early May, Google, unexpectedly for everyone, not only announced, but even showed all its future innovations in the face of the Pixel 7 series and the Pixel Tablet. Regarding the latter, one interesting detail surfaced today.

In the database of the USI (Universal Stylus Initiative) alliance, which promotes uniform technical standards for styluses, a certain Google device has appeared under the code name “Tangor”. The device is listed in the “tablets” category, which means that we almost certainly have the same Pixel Tablet.


Heading for versatility? The regulator revealed the Google tablet chip


Remarkably, it became the first USI-certified Android tablet. Speaking of the latter, the certification implies support for wireless charging instead of USB-C ports or batteries. In addition, USI styluses have advanced “tilt functionality”, which means that the Pixel Tablet has the potential to become a new tool for digital artists and designers. The presentation of the tablet is scheduled for 2023.