Great racing games for Android. Some of them you know well


Racing games speak for themselves. Drive any vehicle and overtake AI or other players until you reach the finish line. Simple enough, right? There are countless such games on Google Play , but only a few are made in such a way that it is not embarrassing to recommend them to others and it is pleasant to play them yourself. This selection includes not the rarest and not the newest games, but those that will give you pleasure, even if you have already played them before. If so, let’s remember how it was. If they are new to you, please give them a try.

Asphalt 9 – the most famous races for the phone

Asphalt is an old mobile racing series. Now it is at the level of the ninth series. This game is considered one of the most popular racing games and feels great on a smartphone. In it, your goal is to become a street racing legend, so I hope you have the ambition to do so.



You will be limited only by the current freemium mechanic that encourages you to spend more, but until a certain point this is not so important and you can not invest in the game by playing for free. But Asphalt 9 will offer you great graphics , amazing driving elements and other nice looking things. Asphalt 9 is quite beautiful, especially if you have a large high quality display. There are also many cars to choose from and you can also customize them and play against the AI ​​or other players.

Download Asphalt 9

GRID Autosport – the best racing games for Android

GRID Autosport goes a little further than Asphalt 9. The console port was made by the folks at Feral Interactive. Grid offers amazing graphics, intense gameplay and an incredible experience.

Although, in order to play the game, you need to find a way to pay for it. But you only have to do it once. Further, there will be no inaps in it. You’ll have access to 100 vehicles and 100 maps with multiple controls and difficulty to suit your play style. But not all phones will pull it. If it’s not available to you on Google Play, your phone probably can’t handle it.

Grid is for racing game enthusiasts, especially those who are tired of the shareware genre and want everything to be real.

Download GRID Autosport

Mario Kart Tour – Mario Racing

No list of racing games would be complete without Mario Kart Tour, for better or worse. It ‘s a household name when it comes to racing games, and here Mario Kart is the longtime king of the genre. When it finally came to mobile devices not so long ago, many Mario fans had reason to rejoice.



There isn’t much to say about the Tour other than that it’s a Mario Kart. Compete with your favorite character on maps inspired by real cities and unlock new characters, maps and icons. And it’s also nice that this is a free game, which, however, is not without inaps .

Download Mario Kart Tour

Riptide GP: Renegade – racing of the future

Let’s say you love racing , but you don’t like cars and cartoon characters. Then maybe you will like Riptide GP: Renegade. The difference from other racing games is in the vehicles and the track. You will have to move on the jet skis of the future along the water channels.


Make your way through city waterways, flooded ruins and more while avoiding the cops. As you progress, you’ll unlock new vehicles as well as new customization options. Fight funny bosses and gather your team.

In addition, you can test your skills in eight -player online multiplayer races . You can also participate in leaderboards and even play on local split screen. Truth. you have to pay for the game to play it. But if this is not a problem for you, then you will definitely get pleasure.

Download Riptide GP: Renegade

Sonic Forces – blue hedgehog game

Those who grew up on Sonic the Hedgehog will immediately be interested when they see Sonic Forces. At the same time, the game is interesting in that it transfers the character from the karts to his own feet. This is a fun game that lets you play as your favorite character (once you unlock it) and race against other people. However, this is more than just racing. Just like in Mario Kart, you can stop your opponents with traps, dodge the ones they leave for you, and still remember the main goal – to reach the finish line.


The game is free to play , but features microtransactions to unlock new characters and abilities. It’s sad to see Sonic being monetized this way, but the gameplay doesn’t suffer from it.

Download Sonic Forces

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