Google warns of a new spy virus that threatens Android and iOS


The world has discovered a new spyware for iOS and Android associated with the Italian developer RCS Labs. The malware data was published by the Google Threat Intelligence Group and the Project Zero vulnerability analysis team.

Google researchers say they have found spyware victims in Italy and Kazakhstan, on both iOS and Android devices. The attackers integrated the malware into users’ smartphones, after which they leaked their confidential data to third parties.

During the analysis of the iOS version of the spy, the researchers found that it was distributed using a fake application that resembled My Vodafone from an international mobile operator. The victims themselves followed the link and downloaded the application. At the same time, the attackers could work with local providers to disable mobile communications and convince the person that installing the fake My Vodafone application will help restore it.

The situation on iOS was exacerbated by the fact that the developers of the RCS Labs malware signed up for the Apple Enterprise Developer Program through a fictitious company and received a certificate that allowed them to download programs bypassing the AppStore type check. Apple said it had already revoked all known accounts and certificates associated with spyware.

Lookout notes that Italian officials used the malware back in 2019 during an anti-corruption investigation. In addition to Italy and Kazakhstan, the company found traces of the use of spyware in Syria. Therefore, be careful and watch what you install on your smartphone.

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