Notice how many innovations Google offered a few years ago? Recently, the number of fantastic projects has somehow diminished, and the company has directed its efforts to finalizing those products that it already has and that really make sense. First of all, it is a search engine, smart home and gadgets like Google Pixel smartphones and Chromebook computers . Despite this, for a long time the start page of Google search is the standard of minimalism. It just is, and tell the company thank you for it. Now it looks like she’s about to change. And it will really be a big deal if the company implements its plans.

Google update

The other day there was information according to which Google seems to be promoting a new feature of displaying information on the main page of its search engine so that more users can test it. Some users notice the “Meet the new” prompt. If users are not signed in to an account, they will be prompted to do so. This is the only way they will be able to add widget cards and edit their placement on the homepage. 9to5Google explains that clicking on “Make this space yours” opens another window that allows you to customize the cards that appear at the bottom of the main search page.

Users first started noticing their own version of these widgets earlier this year. They were available when visiting the Google homepage or the search engine app on an Android phone. Widgets available back then included news, weather, Covid information, and more, which is apparently still the case.

With widgets, the page looks not only more functional, but also more modern.

Is it possible to add widgets to the Google home page

During the initial test, the widgets at the bottom looked more like rectangles with rounded corners. This new phase of testing, which is slowly appearing, shows squares with rounded corners, although it seems that some early testers also saw cards of this shape. Experts suggest that using a square shape could be a way to add more of these information squares to your display.

Square icons are more compact.

Reshaping and optimizing widgets is a very good idea. After all, when they first appeared in February, the number of information elements displayed depended on the size of your display, which means that there were fewer widgets on smaller computer screens than on larger ones. That is, the home page of the search engine had a different level of convenience for different users.

Also, it seems that you can’t scroll through the widgets at the bottom of the home page, which means you see what you originally selected and what fits on the screen . However, you can hover over each widget individually to expand it and get a better view of the information presented.

Does anyone need widgets

While a feature like this is likely to be welcome among those who use on desktops, it’s not clear how extensive this new round of testing is. It is also not yet clear in which countries this will be implemented. Even the authors of many foreign publications who wrote about the new search engine start page widgets emphasized that the new function does not work for them yet.

Widgets themselves are quite convenient, but their use is not suitable for everyone. For example, if you use the address bar to search and never go to the main page of a search engine, then this method is not for you. You simply will not find yourself in a situation where you can read the information.

You can choose which widgets you want to see.

Yandex or Google

But the very fact of the appearance of such an opportunity speaks of the desire of Google to make the search engine not only functional, but also convenient. After all, having such opportunities, you will get all the necessary information by simply opening a search engine. However, not all countries Google services work well. For example, in Russia, Yandex offers more adapted and convenient services, and the information in them is often more accurate. And Yandex already offers a developed search page, which has changed several times and become truly convenient. But it’s like iOS and Android. Everyone chooses a search engine for himself.

What do you choose and would you be interested in using widgets from Google? tell us in the comment section.