Google introduced the Pixel Watch, but it will take a long time for its release


We can finally put an end to the rumors about watches and new Google Pixel smartphones. We talked about them for a long time, speculated, shared opinions and talked about how someone forgot something in a restaurant. Now at the Google I / O 2022 conference, the company talked about new products.

We have already talked about some of them, we will have time to talk about something else, and now we will dwell on the Pixel Watch in more detail. The company also spoke about the Wear OS update and talked about its plan for future integration with acquired Fitbit technologies and features.

When is Google Watch coming out?

After years of waiting, we have finally officially seen the Google Pixel watch. Unfortunately, those who are interested in this watch will have to wait a bit before getting their hands on it.

So far, Google has only talked about the new product and dispelled our doubts that it will even be. It will finally be presented, according to company representatives, this fall along with Google Pixel 7.

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What will be the Google Pixel Watch

As seen in the leaked images, the device features a sleek round watch case and a rotating digital crown. Pixel Watch has straps that can be changed and fine-tuned to fit your hand. Actually, we were shown the same thing that we saw a few weeks ago.

Then a prototype watch was found in a restaurant. At such moments, you understand even more that such finds are not accidental, but are part of a planned action that is designed to draw attention to a company, product, or upcoming event. Perhaps this is not so, and the clock just now showed in order to somehow beat the situation, but much more is believed in the first option.


We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Personally, I hope that Google will offer a rectangular device in addition to the round option. But so far nothing has been said about this and we know for sure that there will only be a round format, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and other watches (except for the Apple Watch).

Wear OS and Google Watch features

In addition to the typical Wear OS, the watch will support Google Assistant as well as the Google Home app and the recently announced Google Wallet . This feature allows users to pay literally in one go.

There will also be the option to store maps and documents such as student ID, boarding passes, vaccination certificates and more. But it’s hardly worth counting on this in Russia. But the availability of the Pixel Watch model with LTE will enable users to use these features without a phone.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the new product story is Google’s promises regarding Fitbit . Let me remind you, the search giant bought this company some time ago. Such a merger should provide great prospects for the company in the wearables market.

Actually, the very fact of the appearance of the Pixel Watch already suggests that Google purposefully went in this direction, and not just decided to release a gadget to make it happen. And at the same time, in passing, I bought the most famous manufacturer of trackers, who stood at the origins of this trend of gadgets.


There is no doubt that the new watch will have many sports functions.

Watch, Google and Fitbit

I remember how I myself once had a FitBit Flex, which could only read activity and display it through the application or 4 LEDs on the case. But then it was almost a fantasy and I used this gadget with pleasure, advising my friends.

More details about the new gadget and how it will work in conjunction with FitBit systems, we will know a little later, but for now we have received confirmation that the Pixel Watch will be.

We will learn about their additional functions a little later, but almost certainly not later than the presentation of Google Pixel 7 , which will take place in the first half of autumn.

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