Google has taken a big step towards security. And we didn’t even know


We all often say nice words about how we lack online security and that we should be provided with it, because it’s the 21st century.

That’s just often we have in mind some mythical means of combating the reading of our correspondence, more real protection against theft and very urgent security of payments.

But we forget about some other things that have become something basic and taken for granted for us. But Google does not forget about this and is systematically working on what we do not pay attention to at all, although we use it every day. Guess what it’s about?

Internet advertising

I’m talking about advertising, which for many of us is not just something superfluous and unnecessary, but completely dangerous. Google highlighted its efforts to combat ad fraud in its 2021 Ad Safety Report, saying user protection is “at the very top” of its list of priorities.

Google processes billions of sponsored links a year. Actually, this is its main income, allowing it to be one of the largest companies in the world. Most of these ads may be fraudulent. Therefore, the search engine must do its best to provide its users with safe advertising.

Google ad blocking

The said Google report goes into more detail about the efforts the company is making to address the issue. As a result of careful work, the search giant removed billions of ads and excluded millions of advertiser accounts from its ad network.

Many do not understand what you can do in the Google office. But the staff of the company always has enough to do.

Google claims the removal rate is 3.4 billion ads, which is a huge number in itself. But beyond that, more than 5.7 billion more such ads were restricted to varying degrees. 5.6 million advertiser accounts were also banned.

Why is Google blocking ads?

Google has also detailed why it removed so many ads . According to the report, 650 million ads are removed due to ad network abuse. In addition, 280 million ads violated the company’s adult content policy.

Trademark infringement resulted in the removal of 137 million ads. 125.6 million ads contained “inappropriate content”.

The company cites misleading audiences, illegal gambling ads, questionable health ads, copyright infringement, and the promotion of alcohol-containing products as top reasons for removing ads. There were other reasons for removing ads, but these are among the main ones.

The company claims that transparency and control are key elements for it. Therefore, there are separate large regulations that establish the principles of work in this direction.

So Google mentioned more than 30 documents or restrictions for advertisers and publishers. The penalties are in line with a new policy announced by Google in 2021 to crack down on ads that contradict it.

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What ads are banned on Google

For example, any advertisement that denies climate change is prohibited. In addition, Google has launched a new certification for health insurance advertisers in certain countries around the world that only allows government agencies or certified service providers to advertise on the platform.

Google has a lot of people doing their jobs.

We continue to roll out new features, such as our “About this ad” menu, to help you understand why an ad was shown and which advertiser ran it, Google noted.

All these suggests that the company is not so thoughtlessly approaching the issue of placing ads inside its inserts and on the main page of search engine results.

Everything we see is checked and censored by algorithms and specially trained people within the company. If you are one of them, tell us something about it in our Telegram chat . Of course, if it is not prohibited by your agreement.

This is further proof that censorship is not as bad as many people think. Often it works for our benefit. If it were not there, in this case we would get what we could see before (and even now) on sites that distribute uncertified software or content, where links often lead to places that it’s better not to even know about .

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