Google has made a cool YouTube-Premium feature free


Google has made a cool YouTube-Premium feature free

Google has made a cool YouTube-Premium feature free

Youtube-Premium is a paid subscription to a video service that provides access to a number of useful features that are not available to ordinary site visitors. So, recently an experimental feature appeared in it – highlighting the most viewed moment of the video. It works simply – open the video, hover over the timeline and see which passage users are reviewing most often.

Conveniently? Not that word. Soon, absolutely everyone will be able to verify this, since the function will no longer be exclusive to subscribers.

The creators of video hosting believe that such a feature will be useful for both content creators and viewers. The latter will be able to immediately watch the most interesting moments of the video without wasting time on everything else, and bloggers will understand what content interests their audience more. Moreover, the accuracy of the algorithm will increase along with the number of views.

This feature is just one part of a massive YouTube update aimed at encouraging creators to make longer videos. Also, the developers promise to soon add an intelligent search for the right moments of the video, but there are no details about it yet.

The feature of viewing the most popular excerpts is already starting to appear for users in different regions. If you don’t have it now, you don’t need to do anything, just wait until the update reaches your country.