Google artificial intelligence has learned to understand sarcasm and humor


The extermination of mankind by robots will become more “funny”

Jokes, sarcasm and humor require an understanding of the intricacies of language and human thought.

But PaLM, or the Pathways Language Model, was able to interpret them and come up with an explanation. On their blog, Google shows how PaLM understands them.

PaLM is Google’s largest AI model to date, trained on 540 billion parameters. It can generate code from text, answer math problems, and explain jokes.

To do this, she uses a chain of “thoughts,” which can describe multi-step tasks as a series of intermediate steps.

Speaking on stage, a Google spokesperson described the feature as a teacher giving a step-by-step example to help the student understand how to solve a problem.

Google seems to have caught up with TARS from the movie Interstellar, an AI that was so adept at humor that Matthew McConaughey’s character asked him to turn down the volume.