Google, Apple and Microsoft to phase out passwords entirely in 2023


Tech giants Apple, Google and Microsoft have announced the development of passwordless login for all mobile, desktop and browser platforms they control. Instead of passwords, they are going to introduce FIDO technology as early as 2023.

This means that passwordless authentication will appear on all major platforms:

  • mobile OS Android and iOS
  • Chrome, Edge and Safari browsers
  • desktop Windows and macOS

Authentication in applications, websites and other digital services will be done using a smartphone. Google explained the process in detail in a post published this Thursday.

To access web services, it is enough to unlock the phone in any way – by entering a PIN, pattern, FaceID or fingerprint. Authentication will be handled by a unique cryptographic token called an “access key” that is shared between the phone and the site.

Users do not need to remember multiple login options for different services or compromise security by using the same passwords in many places. This will make it much harder for hackers to access accounts and phishing attacks, as login requires a physical device.

Cross-platform operation of passwordless login will be provided by the FIDO standard, which uses the principles of public key cryptography. The user will only be able to store a unique FIDO-compliant key and provide it to the website for authentication only when the phone is unlocked. Passkeys can be easily synced to a new device using cloud backup in case the phone gets lost.

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