Gone is the era: Microsoft finally shuts down Internet Explorer


It’s hard to believe, but Internet Explorer still has users. The release of IE took place 27 years ago, in 1995, and the peak of popularity of the Microsoft browser passed in the first half of the 2000s (when its share was an incredible 95%) – after which the “donkey” began to gradually lose ground and give way to numerous competitors.

Development of new features for Internet Explorer was halted in 2016, a year after the launch of a new browser, Microsoft Edge. Since then, support for IE has continued, but it won’t last long – according to Microsoft, it will finally “close” Internet Explorer on June 15th.

Microsoft Edge Development Manager Sin Lindersey said that Microsoft’s new browser is faster, more secure and modern, it is the future, and Edge has a built-in IE mode, so if you need to run an outdated program or visit old sites that are incompatible with modern browsers, it will be possible to use it.

In general, it’s time for Internet Explorer users to finally think about “moving” to another browser.