Gjon’s Tears Net Worth & Biography 2022: Wiki, Facts & Awards


Gjon’s Tears Net Worth

Gjon’s Tears in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $500 thousand.

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Full Biography of Gjon’s Tears

While people were puzzled by the TV viewers’ decision to entrust Russia’s Eurovision entry to Manizha, Switzerland confirmed that Gjon’s Tears, an ethnic Albanian, would represent her in Rotterdam. There is a lot in common between the singers: both belong to non-indigenous nationalities, both not only perform, but also compose songs.

Childhood and youth

The future representative of the country of banks, watches and chocolate at the review of European vocalists was born on June 29, 1998 in the municipality of Broc, the Swiss canton of Friborg. The parents of Gjon’s Tears Muharremaj are immigrants. Mother is a native of Tirana, father is Kosovar.

Little is known about the singer’s early biography, but the member of the Muharremaj family who was the first to recognize the boy’s vocal talent was his grandfather.

When Gjon’s Tears was 9 years old, he moved his elder relative to tears with the performance of Elvis Presley’s song “I can’t help but fall in love”. It was in honor of this event that the singer took a pseudonym (literally meaning “John’s tears”).


When Gjon’s Tears was 12 years old, the boy’s grandfather sent an application to the competition “Albania Seeking Talent“, where the Broca native took third place. A year later, young Gjon’s reached the semi-finals in a similar Swiss competition.

Then Gjon’s Tears took a break from participating in television projects, during which he studied classical vocals, Indian and Chinese singing, as well as yodel music at the conservatory of the municipality of Bul.

In 2017, Gjon’s Tears studied at the German Gustav Academy under the Friborg Young Talent Support Program. In 2019, for the eighth season of the French version of The Voice , Muharremai came leaner, matured and with a primary school teacher’s diploma in his pocket. However, the young singer failed to go beyond the semi-finals again.

Nevertheless, on March 4, 2020, it became known that Gjon’s Tears was entrusted with the honor of representing Switzerland at Eurovision 2020. The composition Répondez-moi (“Answer me”), written by Gjon’s in collaboration with Xavier Michel, Jeroen Svinnen and Alize Oswald, bypassed five thousand competitors.

The song of the single, performed in French, started with mid-key notes, but then Gjon’s Tears surprised the listeners with a deep and transparent falsetto. Melodically, the song resembled a ballad, but it spoke not only about love for a girl, but also about nostalgia for a distant homeland, as well as about the eternal problems of the transience of life.

However, the joy of the young singer was short-lived. Half a month after Switzerland’s decision to send Gjon’s Tears to Eurovision, it became known that the contest in 2020 was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. A consolation for Muharremaj was the news that in 2021 he will still go to the European song review, but with a different composition.

Personal life

Gjon’s Tears account does not give an idea about the singer’s personal life: on the page, Gjon’s posts only photos and videos related to creativity. It is known that the vocalist, whose height is 170 cm, is not married.

From Muharremaj’s rare interviews, it is clear that the singer has a light, funny character. Gjon’s answers to reporters’ questions are more often a charming smile and a perky laugh than specific information. The musician draws inspiration from books, watching films, visiting theaters and vernissages.

Gjon’s Tears now

In the year of the pandemic, the work of Gjon’s turned out to be in demand by Internet users: the musician held online concerts and master classes. On March 10, 2021, Gjon’s presented the new contest entry Tout l’Univers and entered the top three of the contest’s presumed favorites along with vocalists from Malta and France.

Gjon’s Tears Discography

  • 2018 – Baby
  • 2018 – Back in Light
  • 2020 – Repondez-moi
  • 2021 — Tout l’Univers

Interesting Facts about Gjon’s Tears

  • There are currently 200,000 Kosovar Albanians living in Switzerland.
  • It was in Brock, where Gjon’s Muharremai was born, that the production of Cailler chocolates began in 1819, the oldest Swiss chocolate brand still in existence.
  • As a child, Gjorn’s dreamed of being the sun with the face of a Teletubby.
  • In the official video for the single Répondez-moi, the singer showed his parents, brother and grandmother.
  • The vocalist describes his voice as “extensive”.