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George Benson Net Worth

George Benson in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $5 Million.

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Full Biography of George Benson

George Benson gained worldwide fame as a guitarist, singer and songwriter who began his professional career in the 1960s. The main areas of creativity of the musician of African American origin were rhythm and blues, R&B, pop, funk and jazz.

Doing what he loves for decades, the professional has received a star on the Walk of Fame, Grammy awards in the Best Performance categories and a number of other prestigious awards.

Childhood and youth

George Washington Benson was born in 1943 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The early biography of the musician was associated with the African-American residential area Hill.

Possessing creative abilities, in early childhood George Benson won the competition of young vocalists and, at the suggestion of his stepfather, learned to accompany himself on the guitar and ukulele. For the first informal performance in a pharmacy located near his home, he received several dollars from the owner and grateful listeners who were regular customers of the establishment.

At the age of 8, despite the lack of special permission, the boy found a job in a nightclub. Soon, managers of local record companies offered the child prodigy to record a demo CD with the songs “She Makes Me Mad” and “It Should Have Been Me”.

In the late 1950s, George Benson assembled the vocal ensemble The Altairs. The guys, united by their love for modern music, wanted to learn the basics of composition and master the specific techniques of performing melodies in the style of rhythm and blues.

In an effort to become independent and popular as soon as possible, George Benson graduated from Shenley High School and began to work together with jazz organist Captain Jack McDuff. Both were inspired by the tracks of country guitarist Hank Garland, who retired from the stage due to an accident in 1961.


At the age of 21, George Benson, as the leader of an instrumental group, recorded his debut album The New Boss Guitar, which included 8 original compositions. The experienced and famous Jack McDuff helped the young virtuoso to work on the tracks.

George’s next release was It’s Uptown, featuring pianist Lonnie Smith and saxophonist Ronnie Kuber. Thanks to George Gershwin’s Summertime and A Foggy Day covers, as well as original author tracks, hundreds of people learned about a band called The George Benson Quartet.

The real rise to the musical Olympus began after the release of The George Benson Cookbook in 1967. Invited professional drummers gave the melodies a new flavor. After the presentation of the songs All of Me, Big Fat Lady and Ready and Able, Benson was invited to participate in the recording of the Miles Davis track Paraphernalia. He also managed to sign a recording contract with the American studio Verve Label Group.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, George Benson’s discography was replenished with The Other Side of Abbey Road, which consisted of variations on tracks by the British group The Beatles and a number of new jazz projects. The 1974 release Bad Benson climbed to number one on the Billboard charts.

In parallel with the promotion of his solo career, George Benson played on numerous sessions with popular American artists working with the Creed Taylor Incorporated label. After presenting the Benson & Farrell project, the guitarist moved to Warner Bros. records.

With the help of professionals who have been promoting the work of American musicians for decades, George Benson received the first Grammy Award. At the ceremony, he presented the Breezin’ record and its lead single, This Masquerade.

Until this point, George Benson had rarely performed as a vocalist. Recognition in America and Europe of his singing data has changed the situation. The concert with the soul diva Minnie Riperton and the backs in the songs of the master Stevie Wonder aroused the approval of professionals and the delight of ordinary listeners.

In the early 1980s, jazz and blues were replaced by popular rhythms. Following the new trends, the guitarist released the album Give Me The Night, with which he made his debut as a producer. The title track hit the top ten on the national R&B charts. 

At the same time, the releases of successful and well-selling singles took place: Inside Love, Kisses in the Moonlight, Turn Your Love Around, Shiver, 20/20 and Lady Love Me.

In the 1990s, Boston’s Berklee College recognized George Benson’s contributions to culture with an honorary doctorate in music. The merits of the master were also recognized by the leaders of the Japanese guitar brand Ibanez. 

In 2009, George Benson was awarded the Jazz Master Award by the National Endowment for the Arts. In the new status, the American performed at a number of international jazz festivals and gave solo concerts at the Kennedy Center in Washington and the Olimpiysky sports complex in Moscow.

In the 2010s, George Benson, carried away by touring and live performances, rarely added to the treasury of studio recordings. During this time, the albums Guitar Man, Inspiration: A Tribute to Nat King Cole and Walking to New Orleans were released. 

The songs from the latest release, once written and performed by Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew and Bobby Charles, have stirred up pleasant feelings in the group consciousness of the masses.

Personal life

In his youth, George was married to Johnny Lee, a pretty American. The couple’s personal life shortly after the wedding was diversified by the birth of children.

Now the family of the famous musician has 7 representatives of the younger generation. Parents are proud of the success of their grown-up sons and daughters.

In an interview given to reporters on the eve of the celebration of the golden wedding anniversary, George Benson said that he still loves his wife dearly. Johnny accompanies the musician while touring the country. For the appearance of musical compositions that evoke romantic feelings, the owner of the Grammy statuettes is sincerely grateful to his wife.

George Benson now

At the end of 2020, George Benson released the live album Weekend in London. The double CD was promoted through photos posted on the artist’s Facebook and other social media accounts.

The guitarist’s official website published a tour schedule for 2021. Concerts were scheduled for spring and summer in Australia and the UK.

George Benson Discography

  • 1969 Tell It Like It Is
  • 1970 – The Other Side of Abbey Road
  • 1976 Breezin’
  • 1977 — In Flight
  • 1979 – Livin’ Inside Your Love
  • 1980 – Give Me the Night
  • 1983 – In Your Eyes
  • 1984 – 20/20
  • 1986 – While the City Sleeps…
  • 1988 – Twice the Love
  • 1989 – Tenderly
  • 1996 – That’s Right
  • 2000 – Absolute Benson
  • 2003 – Irreplaceable
  • 2009 – Songs and Stories
  • 2011 — Guitar Man
  • 2019 – Walking to New Orleans

Interesting Facts about George Benson

  • George Benson’s first guitar was made by his stepfather. The boy, who aspired to popularity, did not perceive it as a worthwhile tool.
  • The musician periodically recorded soundtracks for American feature films. The Greatest Love of All, featured in Muhammad Ali’s biography The Greatest and then covered by Whitney Houston, was recognized as a hit of all time.
  • Over the years of his career, George Benson has repeatedly received gold and platinum certifications. Sales awards went to Breezin’, In Flight, Collaboration, and an audio version of a live recording titled On Broadway.
  • For unknown reasons, Benson rarely released music videos for singles. Live performances illustrated this or that album much more often.
  • Benson loves to collaborate with colleagues from America and Europe. His discography includes songs recorded with such artists as Michael Jackson, Roberta Flack, Joe Sample, Kenny G and Celine Dion.
  • The single Nothing’s Gonna Change my Love for You from 20/20 is considered the most romantic song of the 1980s. It was covered by Glenn Medeiros, The Shadows and Engelbert Humperdinck.
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