Galaxy Watch 5: release date, price, specs and more


Samsung Galaxy Watch has long won the title of the best Android smartwatch . This year, Galaxy Watch 5 from the Korean brand will receive special attention.

Firstly, users are increasingly abandoning the Apple Watch with non-working contactless payment, and secondly, according to rumors, in 2022 Google will finally release the Pixel Watch, which has been going to be released for several years.

Samsung needs to hold onto the smartwatch market and stop Google from taking over. Today I propose to analyze all the rumors about the new Galaxy Watch 5 and discuss their characteristics. Looking ahead, I will say that the watch should turn out to be top-end.

Collected all the rumors about the new Galaxy Watch 5.

New Samsung Watches 2022

There are still a few months left before the release of the Galaxy Watch 5, but, unfortunately, there are not so many rumors.

For example, no authoritative source has made any assumptions about the design of the new Samsung watch , we still do not know how it will look like. But we know a lot of other useful information about new features and sensors.

Nothing is known about the design of the Galaxy Watch 5 yet.

It has been spoken about what is expected in the Galaxy Watch 5. In an article, a colleague noted that he would like to see support for improved autonomy, an improved interface, and support for the Google Assistant.

Samsung has already hinted at us several times about the last one. Yes, and about other chips, everything may well be justified.

The leaks about the Galaxy Watch 5 indicate that the model is codenamed Heart and will be released in three configurations:

  • Heart-S – with a size of 40-42 mm;
  • Heart-L – 44-46 mm;
  • Heart Pro.

In the past, some publications have also predicted new sensors in the Galaxy Watch 5. So, according to ET News , a thermometer can be added to the existing BioActive 3-in-1 in the Galaxy Watch 5 .

Yes, according to rumors, the Galaxy Watch 5 will measure the temperature , which can help in the diagnosis of viral diseases (read – COVID-19) and ovulation.

Galaxy Watch 5

It looks like the Galaxy Watch 5 will have new sensors.

What is Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

This year, Samsung will release three smartwatch models at once, and not two, as it was before. Remember the previous Galaxy Watch 4 – there were only two options. The first is the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, the second is the Galaxy Watch 4.

The difference between them was almost imperceptible – the differences were only in the large size of the case and the rotating bezel in the Classic model. There were also slightly different colors and a protective glass, which was slightly weaker in the model without a bezel.

Hopefully the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro doesn’t get even bigger.

If the battery really increases, Samsung will unequivocally compare the Galaxy Watch 5 with the Apple Watch 7 at the presentation and declare that the autonomy of the Apple Watch is no longer a problem, you just need to move into the Galaxy ecosystem .

The autonomy of the Galaxy Watch 5 can be the main trump card in front of the Apple Watch.

Galaxy Watch 5 price

The price of the new Galaxy Watch 5 may well remain the same as it was last year. Let me remind you that the price of the Galaxy Watch 4 40 mm started at $249 for the model without LTE and $299 for the version with the LTE module.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic started at $349 for the 42mm non-cellular model and $399 for the cellular model.

Galaxy Watch 5 release date

If Samsung’s presentations stick to the schedule, then the Galaxy Watch 5 will be released around August 2022 .

Most likely, the Korean company will show new smartwatches along with the Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy Flip 4, so the summer event should turn out to be very hot.

Plus, don’t forget that Samsung is not the kind of company that keeps all new products under wraps. Quite often, Koreans indulge their fans with different Easter eggs about new gadgets.