FUTA Students Cook Beans as they Protest in Front of South Gate


FUTA Students set out to protest around past six (6) in the morning today (17/01/2022), about the repeated negative event that happens outside the school gate, and while they do this, they set a big pot of beans on Fire.

Fedral University of Technology Akure, FUTA is known to be a peaceful school with little or no protest recorded per session, However, there is a  change of Story as the Futa Union Government FUTASUG called out all the members of the association to stay away from classes and close the School gate

FUTA Students Cook Beans as they Protest in Front of South Gate

What was the reason for the Protest by the FUTA Students

Our source showed that many students of this institution has fall victim of robbery from Cultist both during the day and the Night. The situation has been ongoing for a very long time and nothing has been done about it. In fact, many students has lost their properties to the robbers.

In order to prevent the escalation of the situation, the governing body of the institution enforced a protest to inform the school management and the whole Nigeria at large about the problem they are facing.

As a means of making things easy and making the event a memorable day. The organizers of the protest ordered the female protesters to cook beans. The beans is an incentive to everyone who went out for the protest.

As you can see from the Image below, the students are seen with their plates and disposable, to collect their portion of the beans. You can also watch the Video below

The school management as also responded to the situation at hand, as they placed Law enforcement Agencies at some strategic places of the the streets.

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