Four ways to save your smartphone from overheating in summer


This will allow you to use the gadget longer.

The phone, like any other gadget, can get a “sunstroke” in the summer and fail. Here’s how to avoid it.

According to experts, there are four simple steps that will save your smartphone in the summer:

  1. Keep your gadget away from direct sunlight . If a smartphone, tablet or other gadget overheats, it will simply turn off. The same thing can happen with hypothermia. In general, experts advise using devices only at temperatures from -10 to +35 degrees Celsius. And turning off is not the worst thing that can happen to a phone. Under the influence of high temperatures, the battery in the smartphone may swell, and the AMOLED display may be damaged.
  1. If possible, remove additional covers and protective films . The fact is that such accessories only prevent the smartphone from dissipating heat. This is especially true of plastic, leather, silicone cases.


Four ways to save your smartphone from overheating in summer
  1. Use resource-intensive applications as little as possible . Since running such programs and games consumes a lot of smartphone resources (as well as watching videos in excellent quality), this increases the temperature of the phone’s elements and battery. As a result, overheating may occur.
  1. Don’t use LTE if the signal is bad . High-speed data transfer with a low signal level will only create additional load on the processor. And this will also affect the heating of the device.
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