Former developer of Telegram shared details about the paid subscription of the messenger


Something interesting coming up

Rumors about a Premium version of Telegram, which will be charged for, have been actively circulating the Web in the past couple of months. Now it became known what to expect from the subscription.

The source of the leak was an ex-employee of Telegram. According to him, the main innovation that the paid service will bring will be the doubling of all limits in the messenger.

That is, if now users can upload files weighing a maximum of 2 GB, then with Telegram Premium it will be 4 GB.

Other “goodies” of a paid subscription include an increase in download speed, transcription of voice messages, as well as disabling ads and automatic archiving.

At the moment, neither Pavel Durov nor his team have made any statements regarding the Premium subscription. But apparently, the announcement of a new feature should take place in the near future.