Folding knife ranking: 15 best options for all occasions


A good pocket knife will come in handy in both casual and unexpected situations. In nature, when you need to open a package or cut food, you will always feel confident knowing that there is a reliable assistant with a sharp blade at hand.

Today we’ll talk about the best folding knives on the market in 2021. The list contains 15 optimal models from different price segments, which are ideal for solving a variety of tasks for every day.

No. 15 – Boker Magnum Automatic Classic

Price: from 2700 rubles

One of the cheapest automatic knives on the market, but made conscientiously – natural wood on the handle, blade made of 440A stainless steel – it is easy to sharpen and straighten if necessary. It opens at the touch of a button, and it is very authentic, the first time few will guess how to remove the blade. A classic model from a German brand that has an undeniable charisma, you can buy it in most large knife stores in Russia.

No. 14 – Kershaw Shuffle 2

Price: from 2300 rubles

The Kershaw Shuffle 2 is a good quality folding knife with a folded length of only 94mm. Such a baby can be picked up on keys or hung over a pocket with a clip. The blade is made of the popular 8Cr13Mov stainless steel – it is definitely not afraid of corrosion, and since such mini knives are operated in a gentle mode, there is no need to worry about the effectiveness of the blade. The lock is a classic Liner Lock, there is a ledge on the handle that works like a bottle opener. This is a good everyday option if the issue of compactness comes first.

Ganzo Firebird FH41

Price: from 2900 rubles

The best inexpensive folding knives are now made by the Chinese. The Firebird FH41 is a great example of how China brands have improved their quality in recent years. It is a versatile knife ready for most everyday tasks. The blade is made of D2 steel, the length in working condition is 20 centimeters, while the weight is modest – only 101 grams. The handle is made of G10 composite, and the bearing flipper allows you to open the knife almost instantly. Stylish appearance and adequate price are important advantages of this model.

# 12 – CRKT CEO

Price: from 4000 rubles

Small pocket knife, which belongs to the category of “gentleman” – such models look appropriate with a business suit. The design is inspired by oriental motives and is somewhat reminiscent of a miniature tanto. The blade made of 8Cr14MoV steel is not too long – 79 mm, and thin – 2.2 mm. It is not suitable for rough work, but it has maximum cutting speed. Whether sharpening a pencil, unpacking a parcel or slicing sausages – CRKT CEO is perfect for everyday use. You can also order this model from Aliexpress and save a lot of money.

# 11 – Ontario RAT-1

Price: from 4300 rubles

If you are wondering which folding knife to choose, but you yourself have not fully decided what you need it for, take the Ontario RAT-1 – this is an ideal option for a beginner. The Rat was released in 2002 and has not undergone any changes since then. Blade length – 9.3 mm, thickness – 2.8, traditionally produced from AUS-8 steel, but there is a modification of the harder D2. Opens with a spinner, a liner-type lock – all the mechanics work in an exemplary way. Today it is the undisputed leader in its price range and the best-selling folding knife in the world. The model is legendary!

No. 10 – Cold Steel 62K1 SR1 Lite

Price: from 5300 rubles

A slightly simplified and much more accessible version of the popular SR1. Large enough (102 mm blade, 238 mm overall length), this knife is ideal for power work due to the thick butt – 4.8 mm and hardy steel 8Cr13MoV. The blade is fixed without the slightest backlash, the factory sharpening is of the highest level. The lock is a classic backlock, there is a tight clip that confidently holds the knife on your pocket. The SR1 Lite may seem oversized for everyday use, but as a camping knife it is a great option. Moreover, the knife is simply indestructible, like everything that Cold Steel does.

# 9 – Spyderco Tenacious

Price: from 5000 rubles

The best-selling model of the famous American company Spyderco. The material of the blade is the familiar 8Cr13Mov steel, and the dies on the handle are made of G-10, a strong and tactilely pleasant composite. The knife lies perfectly in the hand, the liner lock, the four-position clip – you can fix it in any position. The blade is not too long – 90 mm, and moderately thick – 3 mm, which makes the Tenacious a versatile assistant in the city. This is one of the most affordable knives among the “adult” Spyderco models, and the reviews on it are overwhelmingly positive.

# 8 – Buck 110 Folding Hunter

Price: from 6500 rubles

The rating of folding knives continues the classic of the genre, the cult Buck 110. It has been produced since 1963, and since then more than 15 million of these beauties have been sold. The blade is 95 mm long and is made of 420HC high carbon steel, hardened to 57-58 HR. The handle options, as well as its colors, can be a lot – from wood with brass linings to bright acid plastic. We advise you to take the 110th in the classic version. Such a tool will serve you faithfully for many years, because there is especially nothing to break here.

# 7 – Kershaw Launch 1

Price: from 13 200 rubles

Kershaw Launch 1 is an automatic knife that instantly opens at the push of a button. The blade made of CPM 154 powder steel is hard and keeps the sharpness of the cutting edge perfectly. The indicators of the length and thickness of the butt are optimal here – 86 mm and 3.1 mm, respectively. The ergonomic handle is made of anodized aluminum, which makes the knife very interesting in the hand. In general, this is a technological foldable without weak points: it looks beautiful and effectively shows itself in practice. Good both in city conditions and during active recreation.

# 6 – Cold Steel 27BC Recon 1

Price: from 15 300 rubles

Moving on to the larger knives – the Recon 1 is 23.81 cm long in working order and weighs a solid 150 grams. The blade is made of the latest powder CPM S45VN steel, the lining is G-10 fiberglass. The blade is long – 10.16 cm and thick – 3.5 mm, the tip is reinforced with two pairs of additional ribs – it is not afraid of power load. The high descents make the Recon 1 very punchy. The knife’s mechanics are excellent – it can be easily opened with either hand, and the hooks make it easy to disassemble it for maintenance. For reasonable money, this is a smart tactical option.

№5 – Zero Tolerance ZT0452

Price : from 25,000 rubles

A universal folder that copes with the entire range of household tasks. The design of the knife was developed by Belarusian Dmitry Senkevich. Blade material – powder steel CPM S35VN, length reaches 10.4 centimeters, butt is thick – 4.1 mm. Opens with a flipper, the handle is made of titanium alloy with a carbon overlay – looks stylish and expensive. In the presence of a double-sided clip, as well as a lanyard hole. The price of the model bites, but in this case, demanding users understand what they are paying that kind of money for.

# 4 – Benchmade Bugout S30V

Price: from 13 600 rubles

The compact ultralight knife is just what you need for the city. The S30V steel blade is the industry gold standard. The handle is made of Grivory polymer, which does not break and easily withstands high temperatures. The Bugout sits like a glove in the hand, weighs a ridiculous 54 grams with a length of 190 mm in working order, and the small thickness of the butt (2.3 mm) provides excellent cutting performance. All Benchmade products are manufactured in the USA, with the resulting build quality benefits.

# 3 – Microtech Ultratech T / E DLC

Price: from 40,000 rubles

Top folding knives are continued by an unusual handsome from Microtech. The Ultratech is a fully automatic frontal model that opens and closes with a slide slide. For the material of the blade, the Austrian steel grade M390 was chosen, which has exorbitant indicators of cutting edge durability. The blade is of medium length – 81 mm, thickness – 3 mm, the whole structure weighs 99 grams. The handle is made of anodized aluminum, there is a cullet on the end, a stainless steel clip. Of course, EDC is full of more practical and cheaper options, but in terms of aesthetics, Ultratech is every knife lover’s dream.

# 2 – Spyderco Military

Price: from 21,000 rubles

A timeless classic from Spyderco. If you have a friend who is fond of the knife theme, and you ask him which folding knife is better, it is highly likely that you will receive Military in response. This model combines thoughtful ergonomics, razor sharpness, perfect mechanics and optimal dimensions to the smallest detail. The blade is made of S30V steel, the handle is made of G10 fiberglass. In the open state, the knife is really large – 24 centimeters, the blade itself is 100 mm, the thickness of the butt is 3.5 mm. The choice of true connoisseurs who love simple and effective tools.

# 1 – Any Victorinox

Price: from 1000 rubles

What should be the best pocket knife for every day? First of all, practical. Few people will lift hatches for them or pick pine boards, most people use folders for domestic purposes, and if you look at the situation in reality and choose an assistant, and not a toy for show-off, then nothing is better than a multifunctional Swiss knife from Victorinox. You can choose any set of tools and designs you like. At the same time, Vicks will be cheap, convenient, and corny will solve more problems than any representative of this top.