Fitness apps on Android will start to work better


Collect health data from devices more efficiently

Google and Samsung have teamed up to create Health Connect, a platform and API (app programming interface) that will provide developers with a set of tools to sync user health data between Android apps and fitness devices.

This should make it easier to keep track of health and fitness information across multiple different platforms.

Once the user gives consent, developers can start collecting their data in an encrypted hub located on the user’s device.¬†Google says users will have full control over what data they share and with what apps.

Health Connect supports over 50 types of data, including activity, nutrition, sleep, and vital signs information.

Samsung clarified that the new platform will allow app developers to use the accurate and optimized data measured by the Galaxy Watch.

Health Connect is currently in beta testing for all interested Android developers. In addition to Samsung, Google is also working with developers MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness and Withings.

Google Fit and Google-owned Fitbit are also set to implement Health Connect, meaning the technology should be available by the time the Pixel Watch launches.

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