Firefox gave you a great excuse to ditch Chrome for good


The modern Internet cannot boast of a high level of privacy. Every second site strives to gain access to users’ personal information in order to sell them relevant ads later. This usually happens through cookies, and the owners of one site can learn about your requests on others with their help. However, owners of the Mozilla Firefox browser are now protected from this.

Together with the latest update, the Total Cookie Protection function has earned on it – if it is active, then the site will only have access to those cookies that it downloaded to the user. And all information from other resources will be closed to him. In other words, if you read smartphone reviews the other day, your advertisements will no longer be spammed with offers to buy a new model.

In general, Total Cookie Protection has been in Mozilla Firefox since 2021, but most users do not even know about it. Now the developers have activated the feature by default. They motivated their decision by concern for the confidentiality of personal data, which has long been abused by distributors of advertising of all kinds.

Total Cookie Protection can already be tested in Mozilla Firefox for Windows and macOS, as well as in Firefox Focus for Android. There are still problems with iOS – Apple requires that all browsers on their system be on the WebKit engine, and Firefox does not meet this requirement.

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