Finally shown: Nothing has published a full image of its “transparent” smartphone


Looks very pretty

Since last week, Nothing has been actively fueling interest in its first smartphone – Nothing Phone (1). They continually published teaser posters, on which only part of the device could be seen.

And now, finally, the manufacturer has published a photo that demonstrates the design of the novelty in its entirety. Yes, we no longer need to assemble the fragments of the device like a puzzle – everything is available in one image.

Judging by the photo, Nothing Phone (1), like Nothing ear (1), can be called a “transparent” device. At least, it seems that all the internal elements of the smartphone are really visible. For greater aesthetics, they are neatly brought to the surface and painted white.

The presentation of the long-awaited novelty is expected on July 12. Then we will know not only the features of the appearance of the phone, but also its features and price.