Fave Beautifully Song Meaning & Instrumental


Yes, You all now recognize who Fave is. All thanks to the trending of “Baby Riddim” on Tik Tok and other streaming platforms.


She dropped the official Video of the “Baby Riddim” in October 2021 but there is also a song you all missed. And the song is “Beautifully”

The Chorus & Lyrics Quote of the song Beautifully

Beautifully wonderful love
Anywhere I follow you no matter how far
If you like play me gbo gbo ti gbo gbo ti gbo
Long as say nobody know

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Fave Beautifully Song Instrumental

The meaning of Beautifully Song

The Popular and beautiful Nigerian Artist admires her lover through the song. The line “Beautifully wonderful love” means that their Love is Perfect.

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“Anywhere I follow you no matter how far” line means that she’s be with Her lover no matter the situation, either palatable or unpalatable.

Fave then hit up a powerful line “If you like play me gbo gbo ti gbo gbo ti gbo”. Where she tells her lover to do anything he want with her that she doesn’t care as long as the situation stays in between them.

From the Beginning of the Music Video, You will realize that there was an argument in between lovers. You can watch the video Below to Check that Out.

And at the end of the Video, fave stated that “I think everyday someone discovers a new way to describe love. A new name. A new Phrase. You know it’s beautiful. You know it’s wonderful”

Beautifully Song Video by Fave

Check Out reactions from fans on YouTube

Nu’elmusic, reacted by saying “I think, this is the most beautiful video, this year, from the sound to the dance, your face, in fact everything everything, you too good, number fan. Keep up the work, you’ll go far”

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Slime also said “Thanks olamide for making me discover her she did a good job on the album since then am a fan of her music . She’s so talented and the concept of the video It’s so powerful cause I feel identified. You’ve a new fan from Spain”

Beautifully Instrumental by Fave

You can check out the instrumental below. The Instarumental was made available by “Rayzz Entertainment” Check the page out on YouTube and Follow.


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Check:  AV Allure - Save your love Ft. Moelogo
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