Facebook started blocking posts offering abortion help


It’s not clear if this is related to the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Facebook has introduced restrictions on the publication of posts with a proposal to send abortion pills to those in need. Such a service became relevant in the United States after a court ruling that guaranteed the right to abortion was overturned, and many states took advantage of this to impose a ban.

Several journalists attempted to publish an ad suggesting that drugs be sent by mail, but Facebook removed them and warned of violating community guidelines.


Facebook* started blocking posts offering abortion help

The social network cites rules that prohibit users from buying, selling or trading things like tobacco, marijuana, recreational and non-medical drugs.┬áTo test this, journalists published ads such as “I sell cigarettes”, “Antidepressants can be mailed”, etc.┬áNone of them were reported to have been tagged.

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