Facebook bans employees from talking about abortion


This is a hot topic in the US right now.

The head of Meta told employees that they were forbidden to talk about abortions on Workplace, the internal version of Facebook.

Now in the USA this topic is being actively discussed due to the possible abolition of the constitutional right to abortion in the country.

A policy that Meta introduced in 2019 but has not yet been reported on, prohibits employees from discussing “the rightness or wrongness of abortion, the right to have an abortion, and political, religious, and humanitarian views on the subject.”

Some employees have urged management to repeal this policy. The company believes that such discussions create a hostile work environment.

After the media published a draft Supreme Court decision to abolish the right to abortion, one of the top managers of Meta, Sheryl Sandberg, called the procedure “one of our most basic rights.”

“Every woman, wherever she lives, should be free to choose whether and when she becomes a mother,” Sandberg wrote. But shortly thereafter, the Meta began to refrain from discussing abortion internally.