Experts named and Listed the best TVs in 2022


The American store Value Electronic for the past twenty years annually ranks the best TVs. He did not change himself in 2022. Moreover, this year has become significant – for the first time, models with 8K displays got to the experts for testing.

Each TV goes through a thorough setup before the competition, and then all the test subjects are lined up in one row along with the standard – a 32-inch monitor from Sony. Then, the same clips are launched on all devices so that the jury members can evaluate the image quality.

Experts evaluate TVs in several categories: the quality of a normal picture in bright and dark lighting, as well as HDR playback in the dark. In the latter case, another criterion appears – the judges evaluate the scaling of the contrast range at maximum screen brightness.

Among the test subjects were the following TVs with 4K resolution: LG G2 Gallery (OLED), Samsung QN95B (mini-LED), Samsung S95B (quantum dot mini-LED), Sony XR-A95K (QD-OLED), Sony XR-A95K ( mini-LED), as well as several 8K models: LG Z2 (OLED), Samsung QN900B (quantum dot mini-LED) and Sony XR-Z9K (mini-LED).

The $4,000 Sony XR-A95K won the 4K device by a wide margin . In almost all tests, the Japanese flagship turned out to be the best. Second place went to LG G2, and he beat the winner in terms of maximum brightness and image detail. Third place went to Samsung S95B.

Well, in the category of 8K TVs, the winner was the 77-inch LG Z2 with an OLED matrix, the price of which is an impressive $13,000.


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