Experts dismantled Nothing Phone (1). What’s inside the most unusual Android smartphone?


JerryRigEverything recently released a video in which Nothing Phone (1) was put to the test by putting it to the test. Apparently, the blogger was very interested in the device, which prompted him to make another video. This time, the man studied the internal structure of the smartphone.

It turned out that removing the transparent cover of the device is not so easy – it goes almost flush with the metal frame. Having done this, the blogger discovered that the LED strips located under the glass are covered with special stickers that make the glow colder. Also, under the lid, a lot of plastic overlays were found, seated on ordinary glue, behind which there are screws hidden from the eyes.

Under the decorative props, Nothing Phone (1) practically does not differ from the device of most modern smartphones. Its battery has special “tabs” for easy removal, and the cables come with the Pokemon USB FPCA marking. Apparently, this is a funny Easter egg from the smartphone manufacturer.

At the end of the experiment, the author of the video successfully assembled the device and even turned it on.

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