Expert spoke about the possibility of browser extensions stealing your passwords


Information security expert of the League of Digital Economy Artem Kazantsev said that most people underestimate the danger of browser extensions. Meanwhile, these programs can even contribute to the theft of your passwords.

Modern browsers, such as Google Chrome, have a permission system for extensions, but many extensions need access to all data to work correctly. Often, extensions receive information about all user actions on the Internet, intercept passwords, track page views, insert ads on the site, and much more. Even a program that needs access to just one site can be dangerous, – said Kazantsev.

Therefore, he recommended removing all unnecessary extensions, leaving only the most necessary ones. You need to install those programs whose developers you know. For example, Microsoft’s official OneNote note extension is more likely to be safe. You should also pay attention to what permissions the extension requests. If the program is designed for only one site, then it should only have access to it.

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