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Eric Zemmour Net Worth

Eric Zemmour in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $5 Million.

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Full Biography of Eric Zemmour

French journalist and politician Eric Zemmour has repeatedly shocked his compatriots with radical views and categorical statements. In the French presidential election in 2022, Zemmour ran for head of state, becoming an opponent of Emmanuel Macron.

Childhood and youth

Eric Zemmour was born on August 31, 1958 in the eastern suburb of Paris Montreuil and grew up with his younger brother Jean-Luc. By nationality, the Zemmour family are Jews who emigrated from Algeria to France in the middle of the 20th century, when the war for independence began in the colony. Eric himself prefers to call himself a Berber Jew.

The father of Eric and Jean-Luc worked as a pharmacist, then headed the emergency department and was often absent from home due to work. The boys were followed by their mother and grandmother, who raised their heirs in Judaism, regularly took them to the synagogue and taught Hebrew, although now Eric Zemmour prefers not to advertise the faith.

Eric Zemmour attended private religious schools and played football as a teenager. The young man received his higher education in the late 1970s, after studying at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris.

Journalism and creativity

As a young man, Eric Zemmour began his career as a slogan designer in an advertising agency, interned at the newspaper Le Quotidien de Paris, and in the mid-1980s got a job as a political journalist there. In 1996, Eric Zemmour moved to Le Figaro and worked as a freelancer in other publications.

After 13 years, the scandalous correspondent was fired for impudent remarks and incitement to racial discrimination. However, later Zemmour still wrote reviews for Figaro and led a literary column, and finally broke off cooperation only in the fall of 2021.

Since the mid-1990s, Eric Zemmour has published books regularly. Among the works of his pen are political essays, fiction novels, biographies of Édouard Balladur and Jacques Chirac, some of them won literary prizes and became bestsellers in France. 

In 2008, the writer and his wife founded Rubempre. In the fall of 2021, when the publishing houses refused to publish the fifteenth essay by Zemmour, the family firm released the book itself.

In 2003, Eric Zemmour became the host of the weekly program Ca se dispute and was the face of the program for 11 years, until the channel terminated the contract due to Eric’s provocative statements about Muslims.

Eric Zemmour systematically appeared in other shows, worked as an editor, and in the fall of 2006 became a co-host of a project in which films, books and music were discussed. Quarrels with invited guests flared up on the set, which is why Eric was fired after 5 years.

Since 2011, the Parisian with co-host Eric Naullo has opened an author’s evening talk show in which debates were held with guests, and since 2019 he has also entered into political controversy in a news program on the CNews channel. 

The discussions with Zemmur’s participation were a success with the audience and at the same time caused threats against him. So, in the spring of 2020, the journalist was attacked on the street, after which President Macron personally called Eric to discuss the incident.

Repeatedly, the TV presenter needed armed police protection. In the fall of 2021, Eric Zemmour left both shows, the author’s program was renamed, and viewer ratings fell.

Political career

Eric Zemmour adheres to far-right views and defines his own beliefs as Gaullio-Bonapartism: he believes in the greatness of France and its leaders, attaches great importance to the unity and sovereignty of the state, patriotism and cultural traditions. The politician believes that it is necessary to stop immigration into the country, radically criticizes Islam, feminism and homosexuality.

In foreign policy, Eric advocates distancing himself from the United States, leaving NATO, and increasing independence from the European Union. At the same time, Eric Zemmour during a trip to Mount Ararat, called the Armenians a model of resistance.

The categorical beliefs and outrageous behavior of the politician have repeatedly become the cause of scandals. Although Eric himself, like his entire family, is Jewish, the Chief Rabbi of France accused Eric Zemmour of anti-Semitism.

Three times the Parisian was tried on charges of racism, once women complained of sexual harassment, although the matter did not go further than statements in the press.

In February 2022, it was suspected that, at the initiative of Eric Zemmour, a group of authors edited articles on the French Wikipedia to promote Zemmour’s profile, after which seven people were blocked.

Personal life

In 1982, the journalist married Mylene Chichportich, who grew up in a Jewish family from Tunisia and worked as a bankruptcy lawyer. The wife gave birth to Eric three children: sons Hugo and Thibaut and daughter Clarissa.

Eric Zemmour’s relatives are reserved on social networks, they do not give interviews and have never commented on the activities of the scandalous father.

Since the fall of 2021, rumors began to appear in the press about the politician’s romance with his own adviser Sarah Knafo, who is 35 years younger than Zemmour. The couple was noticed together not only at work meetings, but also on vacation, which was confirmed by photographs of the paparazzi. 

Once a joint picture of Sarah and Eric was even placed on the cover of a magazine, after which they both sued for interference with privacy. Following another publication published information about the pregnancy of Knafo, for which the couple also threatened to sue.

Eric Zemmour and Sarah Knafo

Eric Zemmour and Sarah Knafo


Eric Zemmour confirmed his secret relationship with the adviser only in January 2022 during an interview with BFM TV, while the politician never divorced his official wife.

Eric Zemmour now

Assumptions that Eric Zemmour will be a candidate for the presidency of France in 2022 first flashed back in 2019, although the politician himself did not confirm this. At the same time, Sarah Knafo appeared in Eric’s entourage, who later took up the election program.

In the fall of 2021, the writer went on a national tour to promote a fresh book and stopped hiding his presidential ambitions. Zemmour officially announced his candidacy at the end of November, and in early December he created and headed the Reconquista party

According to public polls, by February 2022, the politician’s rating had risen to 16.5%, which made him the second most popular contender for the post after Macron. By March, Eric had left other right-wing candidates behind, including Marine Le Pen.

In the presidential elections held on April 10, Eric Zemmour took 4th place, and Emmanuel Macron and Marie Le Pen, who advanced to the 2nd round, became the leaders of the rating. The politician urged his voters in the second round to vote for Le Pen.

Eric Zemmour Bibliography

Political books:

  • 1995 – “Balladur standing with long strides”
  • 1998 – Black Book of Law
  • 1998 – “Judicial coup”
  • 2000 – “Watch Rats”
  • 2002 – “The Man Who Didn’t Love Himself”
  • 2010 – “French melancholy”
  • 2011 – Z means Zemmour
  • 2012 – “Bonfire of the Vanities”
  • 2014 – “French Suicide”
  • 2018 – “French Destiny”
  • 2021 – “France has not said its last word”

Art books:

  • 1999 – “Red Dandy”
  • 2004 – “Other”
  • 2008 – “Younger brother”

Interesting Facts about Eric Zemmour

  1. Eric’s name in the confessional sphere is Moses.
  2. In the early 1980s, Zemmour twice failed the entrance exams to the National School of Administration, although in the mid-2000s he became a member of the admissions committee at this university.
  3. Sarah Knafo dated Louis Sarkozy, son of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy from his second marriage.
  4. For his outrageous style and ability to sharply respond to opponents, the national press nicknamed Zemmour “French Trump”.