End of an era. Canon announces the end of production of SLR cameras


Fujio Mitarai, CEO of Canon, the flagship in photography, made a statement that the brand no longer plans to release classic DSLRs.

Photographers are expected to release the latest release – the professional model 1D X Mark III. The Japanese cite fundamental changes in the market as the reason for the change in course; today buyers increasingly prefer compact mirrorless devices. If the start in this segment was frankly not set by Canon, the creation of the Canon RF bayonet mount and the launch of the model of the same name in 2018 turned the tide.

According to Mitarai, the company is not planning to drop out of the arms race and is focused on the production of advanced cameras, but without mirrors. Canon is now focused on developing a flagship model that will also feature an RF mount. Surely, many connoisseurs of the beautiful and eternal will be disappointed with such news, but progress does not stand still.