Elon Musk will build a 55 km tunnel under Las Vegas


Like the subway, but cars instead of wagons

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has received permission to expand its tunnels in Las Vegas. The expansion will take the company’s Las Vegas tunnel all the way to the city limits.

The Boring Company plans to create the ultimate tunnel network under Las Vegas’ most congested neighborhoods, spanning over 54.7 kilometers and with over 55 stations, Las Vegas Infrastructure Executive Mike Janssen unveiled at a city council meeting yesterday.

Janssen stated that he worked with the Boring Company on this project and said that some of these stations would include Las Vegas haunts such as Harry Reid Airport and Allegiant Stadium.

Janssen added that the Boring Company will not rely on taxpayer funds to carry out the project, but will finance the project with its own funds and funds from private landowners willing to pay for the plant.

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