Elon Musk unveiled Starlink V2. which change the mobile Internet we are used to


Elon Musk has announced a major improvement in Starlink satellite internet. Second-generation satellites will soon be launched into orbit, to which you can connect directly from your mobile phone – you won’t need to buy and install a bulky antenna for this. The billionaire will be assisted in the implementation of the project by T-Mobile, with which SpaceX has entered into a partnership agreement.

As early as next year, SpaceX will start sending Starlink V2 satellites into orbit with the help of the new Starship transport vehicle. They will differ from the usual ones by increased antennas 5-6 meters long, which will strengthen the communication channels and allow the use of the PCS T-Mobile mid-band spectrum.

If everything works out, then it will be possible to catch the Internet from a smartphone literally anywhere in the world, there will be no dead zones without communication at all. Of course, they do not promise huge speeds – up to 2-4 Mbps. According to Musk, this is enough for exchanging text / voice messages, and surfing the Internet. And if there are not too many people in the communication zone, you can even watch the video.