Elon Musk trolled Apple with a $50 cyber whistle. The device was instantly sold out


Elon Musk

A new lot has appeared in the official Telsa online store – Cyberwhistle. This is a regular polished stainless steel whistle inspired by the still unreleased CyberTruck electric pickup truck.

The accessory comes in presentable packaging and costs a solid $ 50, at the current exchange rate it is almost 4 thousand rubles.

Elon Musk in his Twitter account said that the whistle is Tesla’s answer to Apple’s branded napkin. The billionaire urged to ignore the useless apple rag, and spend money on an elegant whistle, which was released in a limited edition.

But you won’t be able to buy cyber whistles from Elon Musk just like that – in the sold-out store, the whole batch was dismantled in a few hours. Enterprising people are already reselling whistles on eBay for several times more. Average prices range from $ 250 to $ 600, but you can also find particularly arrogant sellers with lots for a thousand bucks.

It looks like an accessory released by Tesla for fun could very well become a collectible. This has already happened with the branded tequila, which the company sold a year ago for $ 250. The drink was bottled in a lightning bolt shape with the Tesla logo, and empty tequila containers alone are now trading in the region of $ 1,000.