Edsilia Rombley Net Worth & Biography 2022: Wiki, Facts & Awards


Edsilia Rombley Net Worth

Edsilia Rombley in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $2 Million.

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Full Biography of Edsilia Rombley

Edsilia Rombley is a Dutch singer and presenter, a significant part of her biography is associated with the Eurovision Song Contest. The celebrity loves to spend time at home with family and friends, rarely goes to clubs or cinemas.

Childhood and youth

Edsilia Franziska Rombley was born on February 13, 1978 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her mother and father were migrants from the Antilles, after several years of marriage, her parents divorced. The girl grew up in Lelystad with her brother and sister, went to Laetare elementary school, Rietlanden secondary school and MBO ‘t Roer college.


Edsilia Rombley began her singing career at the age of 17, forming the Dignity group (“Dignity”) with Gracia Gorre, Karima Lemgari and Susan Haps. After 2 years, the artist decided on a solo career.

In 1998, Edsilia Rombley participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, where she took 4th place with the song Hemel en Aarde, which translates into “Heaven and Earth”. The track was also recorded in English as Walking on Water.

This was the best result the Netherlands had received since 1975, when Teach-In won with the song Ding-a-Dong (the cover of “These Moonlight Nights” performed by Murat Nasyrov and Alena Apina). Edsilia Rombley performed 18th between the numbers of Cyprus and Sweden.

In 1999, the singer announced the results of her country’s voting at this contest. In 2007, Edsilia Rombley again represented the Netherlands at Eurovision with the song On Top of the World, but did not qualify for the final, finishing 21st, although the track became a big hit and entered the top 10 of the chart.

Two days later, Edsilia Rombley again announced the results of the vote with Paul de Leeuw, and repeated this experience for the third time in 2015. At that competition, the sister-in-law of the artist Treintier Oosterhuis was selected in the semi-finals with the composition Walk Alone, but did not make it to the final.

In 2004, Edsilia Rombley went on tour with jazz pianist Michael Borstlap, where she performed her hits with new arrangements, as well as songs by Anita Baker and Oleta Adams.

On November 28, together with Karin Blumen, Edsilia Rombley sang during a charity concert in Bangladesh, organized by the Memisa Foundation, which worked to develop healthcare in developing countries.

In 2005, one of the songs from that performance was performed by Edsilia Rombley for the people of Asia affected by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Since 2014, Edsilia Rombley has performed annually at the Ziggo Dome stadium as part of the Ladies of Soul team, along with Treintier Oosterhuis, Berge Lewis, Glennis Grace and Candy Dulfer.

The artists performed music of the soul-pop genre, in the spirit of Whitney Houston and Rihanna, gospels and so on. At the end of 2014, the album The Piano Ballads – Volume 1 was released. In December 2018, The Piano Ballads – Volume 2 was released, consisting of compositions by Weak, Autumn Leaves, One Last Time and others.


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Personal life

Edsilia Rombley’s husband is the composer and musician Tjord Osterhuis, 7 years older. In his youth, the man organized the Total Touch group with his sister Treintier. Edsilia Rombley met in 2000, when the European Football Championship was held.

On the day of the Netherlands-Italy semi-final, Tjoerd hosted a screening at home with drinks and snacks and invited the singer to the evening. According to the musician, he trusted the girl so much that he gave the key to the house and arrived at his own party later than her.

The singer missed Osterhuis during her vacation in the USA and realized how much she cherishes him. The couple got married on September 1, 2006. When asked about family conflicts, both jokingly answered that they “never fought for more than a few hours.”

Two daughters were born in the marriage: Imani and Aisa-Lynn Rosa. With Treintier’s daughter-in-law, Edsilia Rombley has no rivalry, on the contrary, both ladies mutually admire each other.

Now Edsilia Rombley devotes the first half of the week and Sunday to her personal life, and performs from Thursday to Saturday.

Edsilia Rombley now

In February 2021, the program “Chocolate” was released, where Rombley acted as a presenter. The show was attended by Dutch celebrities Richard Kemper, Remco Veldhuim, Marie Knevel, Lakshmi, Anita Vitzie.

They needed to figure out which objects in the studio were made from chocolate. Also from April 4, Edsilia Rombley joined the jury of the Dutch version of the program ” I see your voice”.

Together with Chantal Janzen, Jan Smith and Nikki de Jager, the singer became the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. On Instagram, Edsilia Rombley warned that the presence of a large number of viewers on the show was excluded. According to her, the organizers have developed 4 different scenarios to hold the competition in any situation.

Edsilia Rombley Discography


  • 1997-Thuis
  • 1998 – Edsilia
  • 2002 – Face To Face
  • 2007 – Meer dan ooit
  • 2011 — Uit mijn hart
  • 2013 – Sweet Soul Music
  • 2014 – The Piano Ballads – Volume 1
  • 2018 – The Piano Ballads – Volume 2


  • 2020 – Lieve Mama
  • 2020 – Goed Voor Mij
  • 2021 – Als Ik Weer Bij Jou Ben
  • 2020 — Raket Naar De Maan
  • 2020-Chale
  • 2021 – Rustpunt

Interesting Facts about Edsilia Rombley

  • Rombley participated in the TV satirical show Kantine in a parody of the British group Brotherhood of Man, which won Eurovision in 1976. It was a quartet of 2 women and 2 men, obviously created as a kind of ABBA.
  • In 2019, the artist played the role of the Virgin Mary in the show The Passion, where they told the story of Easter through songs.
  • Edsilia loves fried rice with chicken, a traditional dish for the people of the Antilles. She does a general cleaning in the house once a year before Christmas, because a small mess creates a feeling of comfort. The woman keeps an album of photographs of deceased family members and lights an altar in their honor every Christmas Eve.
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