Dying Light 2 was hacked and put on torrents; The zombie game came out 6 months ago


The famous EMPRESS hacker has hacked into Dying Light 2, an Action RPG with first-person parkour elements, where the player needs to survive in a post-apocalyptic world populated by zombies.

The release of one of the most anticipated titles took place six months ago, in February. It took so long to crack because the game has Denuvo, the most advanced anti-piracy system.

Dying Light 2 received mixed reviews. On Metacritic, experts gave it a score of 77 points, and users only 4.4 points out of 10. Moreover, both sides agreed that the main disadvantage of the game is a weak plot.

In addition, EMPRESS has hinted at the next title it will hack. The girl said that he is connected with sharks and people. Most likely, this is Maneater – a game in which you need to control a shark and eat underwater inhabitants, as well as people.

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