Dual Sense Edge is a new professional controller for PlayStation 5


While Xbox has had its Elite line of professional gamepads for years, Sony didn’t have a similar device in its portfolio. But the Japanese have just announced the Dual Sense Edge , a brand new controller for the PlayStation 5 console.

The main thing is complete freedom

At first glance, the Dual Sense Edge doesn’t look too different from the base PlayStation 5 controller, except perhaps for the dark buttons and trackpad, as well as the glossy black plastic on the panel next to the analog sticks. However, the devil is in the details, because its design makes it easy to disable and change the functions of individual buttons.

With a dedicated app for Dual Sense Edge, you can easily adjust the sensitivity of analog sticks and adaptive triggers to reduce reaction time by precious milliseconds in online games. The controller also allows you to quickly switch between previously saved settings profiles – a special Fn key has appeared for this.

The Dual Sense Edge will include two additional interchangeable button sets. One pair is located on the back of the device, and the other is located under the analog sticks. Interestingly, we can also easily replace the sticks themselves, but here Sony announces their separate sale.

As with the Xbox Elite Series 2, replacement sticks will be offered in 3 sizes (height). Of course, the controller will also offer all the features of the classic Dual Sense – adaptive triggers, haptic vibration, i.e. full compatibility with PlayStation 5.

Dual Sense Edge without price yet

While the new gamepad looks great, Sony has yet to share the price of the product and a potential release date with gamers. The lack of additional analog sticks in the kit is also alarming. It’s hard to believe that the Dual Sense Edge is going to be cheap and you’ll have to spend extra money after you buy it.

In a press release, Sony promises to share details in the coming months. So it looks like we won’t see the controller on the market until next year.

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