Dom La Nena Net Worth & Biography 2022: Wiki, Facts & Awards


Dom La Nena Net Worth

Dom La Nena in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $5 Million.

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Full Biography of Dom La Nena

Dom La Nena defines the genre of his music as light melancholy. In the compositions of the Brazilian, the musical traditions of Latin America and Europe have merged. The multiculturalism of the singer is due to her biography.

Childhood and youth

The future star of the Latin American and European musical horizons was born in 1989 in the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande de Sul, the city of Porto Alegre. The real name and surname of the singer is Dominique Pinto

The pseudonym Dom La Nena combines a shortened version of the name and the phrase “little girl” in Portuguese. This is how her senior colleagues addressed Dominique during her training.

Judging by the photo of the singer’s mother, posted on Pinto’s Instagram account, one can understand that the vocalist is a Pardu by nationality. So in Brazil they call citizens of mixed ethnic origin.

At the age of 5, Dom La Nena began to learn to play the piano, and after 3 years, on the advice of a teacher, she switched to the cello. In the same year, the “first European period” began in the biography of the young native of Porto Alegre: the girl’s father defended his doctoral dissertation in medieval philosophy and received a professorship in Paris.

After another five years, the Pinto family returned to Brazil. However, Dominique did not see any development prospects for herself as a cellist in Porto Alegre. The teenage girl wrote to Kristina Walewska, known as the goddess of the cello, whose address she found in the directory of New Yorkers. The famous instrumentalist answered the young Brazilian.

With the permission of her parents, Dom La Nena moved to Buenos Aires on her own six months after returning from Europe. Dominique in Argentina studied with Valevskaya and other cello teachers, and also had orchestral practice at the Colon Theatre, one of the five best opera venues in the world in terms of acoustics.

In the capital of Argentina, Dom La Nena made her debut on the professional stage – the girl performed at a charity concert organized by the Antoine de Saint-Exupery Foundation to help children from low-income families. At the age of 18, Dominique left for Paris, where she still lives.


After moving to France, Dom La Nena was at a crossroads and did not know how to apply her musical talent. Soon the girl was invited to accompany British actress and star Jane Birkin at concerts. Dom had a chance to give concerts with the legend of French cinema Jeanne Moreau.

After returning from a tour with Birkin, the cellist began writing her debut album. In 2013, the first Dom La Nena compilation called Ela was released, bringing together 13 tracks. A year later, her remixes formed the basis of Dominique’s second album, Ela Por Eles.

At concerts, La Nena plays not only the cello, but also keyboards, ukulele, percussion and electric guitar, collecting compositions like a house of cards. The Brazil native composes and sings songs in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. Nena characterizes the process of composing music as something spontaneous.

In the music of Dom La Nena, echoes of Antonio Vivaldi and Fryderyk Chopin, the influence of the songs of Lhasa de Sela and Vinicius di Morais are felt, but these are not direct quotes, but rather a consonance of mood. 

In the middle of the second decade of the 21st century, Dominique teamed up with the Portuguese band Danças Ocultas to record the album Arco.


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Personal life

Little is known about Dom La Nena’s personal life. The singer has a daughter, who can be seen not only on the Dominique page on Instagram, but also in the video filmed by the baby’s father – a cameraman, director and producer named Jeremiah for the song Todo Tiene Su Fin.

However, photos of her husband do not appear on La Nena’s social media pages. But subscribers to the star’s accounts see pictures of the vocalist with her colleague, the French-American singer, lead singer of the Moriarty group Rosemary Standley, some of which are decorated with the LGBT emblem.

Dom La Nena now

In 2021, a remix of the song Batuque from the debut album Dom La Nena by Jeremy Sole & Atropolis became a TikTok hit.

In 2020 and 2021, the singer’s discography was replenished with two collections. At first, the listeners got acquainted with the Ramages album, which is a rethinking of the 2014 compilation Birds on a wire and, like the original source, recorded in tandem with Rosemary Standley. In the year of the Blue Ox, the Tempo collection was a gift to Dominique fans.

Dom La Nena Discography

  • 2012 – Dom
  • 2013 – Ela
  • 2013 — Golondrina
  • 2014 – Ela por Eles
  • 2014 — Birds on a wire
  • 2015 – Soyo
  • 2016 – Cantando
  • 2020 – Ramages
  • 2021 – Tempo

Interesting Facts about Dom La Nena

  • 11 years after the birth of Dominique, her hometown became twinned not only with its Portuguese namesake, but also with the Russian cultural capital – St. Petersburg.
  • The idol of La Nena is the British cellist Jacqueline Du Pre, who was forced to stop her career at the age of 28 due to progressive multiple sclerosis.