Do you know what phone the Queen of England has? This is a very interesting story.


Everyone seems to know about the British Queen. Although this is not the only monarchy in the modern world, it is she who is surrounded by such a halo of solemnity, honor, valor, dignity and other attributes inherent in the royal family.

Moreover, this is the most famous royal family in the world. And like any person or group of people, its members have their own priorities and favorite gadgets. It so happened that Elizabeth II and her relatives prefer gadgets of a certain brand.

Perhaps they were chosen for it by the support services, but this does not change the essence – they all use the products of this particular manufacturer. And it’s not Apple.


The Queen of England can’t just buy a phone. There is an interesting procedure for this.

What is a royal warrant

Her Majesty the Queen seems to love Samsung products. The British Royal Court recently extended a Korean firm’s royal warrant as a supplier of consumer electronics, allowing it to continue supplying goods and home appliances to the royal family.

A Royal Warrant is a license issued to businesses by the Royal Court of Great Britain since the 15th century. This allows businesses to supply goods or services to the royal family. Of course, deliveries are not free. However, the right to trade with such an important client has yet to be earned.

And this applies not only to the electronics manufacturer. For example, there is a tea shop in London that has been a supplier to the royal court for many years. We can say that it is also a matter of honor and prestige, since these companies can boast of being the official suppliers of the royal court.

Apparently that’s why at the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 we were shown such a crazy video with the presentation of the new phone to the queen.

Royal Warrants are issued on behalf of the Queen and the Prince of Wales in the UK. They were also issued in the name of the Duke of Edinburgh until the death of Prince Philip last year.

Who supplies electronics to the British Queen

Samsung received its original royal warrant in 2012 on behalf of the Queen. Since then, the company has been supplying electronics to the British Royal Court. But warrants don’t last forever and sooner or later they have to be renewed. However, they can be withdrawn if something goes wrong with the delivered product.

To earn the right to supply equipment to the royal court still needs to be earned.

What is the phone number of the British Queen

If the royals do not like the goods or services they receive, they can revoke the permit . Luckily for Samsung, the queen seems to enjoy the brand’s products.

She doesn’t feel like switching to another electronics supplier, so she extended the company’s royal warrant. True, the specific models used by family members and their closest subjects are not reported . But we can assume that this is something from the flagships. Most likely, even folding.

The renewal of the royal warrant is an honor and a testament to the quality of our products and services. We are proud to expand our relationship with the Royal Household, especially as this is the year of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee,” said Brian Ford, VP of Account Management, Samsung UK and Ireland.

What gadgets Samsung sells to the queen

Samsung can supply smartphones, TVs, home appliances and other electronic gadgets to the queen. Devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the latest 8K Neo QLED TVs really stand out from the crowd.

Although often they are unreasonably expensive, this is the height of technology, and counting money is not for royalty .

Do you know what phone the Queen of England has? This is a very interesting story.

It just so happens that the royal family loves Samsung.

Samsung is one of the largest technology companies in the world and a leader in several technology industries, including smartphones. The company accounts for about a third of global sales. However, the company’s main income comes from cheap or mid-range models , not flagships.

The Korean giant also produces televisions, home appliances, smart watches and other electronics. It has a strong worldwide presence and has a solid client base. The Royal Court of Great Britain is also among his clients. For those in the know, this is a good sign, and they choose the brand’s products.

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