Destiny Chukunyere Net Worth & Biography 2022: Wiki, Facts & Awards


Destiny Chukunyere Net Worth

Destiny Chukunyere in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $500 thousand.

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Full Biography of Destiny Chukunyere

Singer Destiny Chukunyere is known as the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, a participant in various talent shows and a performer of popular singles. In 2021, the talented girl became the representative of Malta at the pop song contest organized by the European Broadcasting Union, setting herself the goal of conquering Rotterdam with her original work.

Childhood and youth

Destiny Chukunyere was born at the end of August 2002. An early biography was associated with the small town of Birkirkara.

According to others, the girl’s musical abilities manifested themselves at the genetic level. The older members of the family were representatives of peoples who had a natural sense of rhythm and hearing.

Ndubisi Chukunyere’s father was a native of Nigeria. Until the late 2000s, he played professional European football. The Hibernians, Valletta and Vittoriosa Stars striker once played for the national team. He was forced to move to the territory of the island Mediterranean state by development prospects and long-term contracts.

Mother, who lived all her life in Malta, closely followed her husband’s career. She was a housewife and raised three children.

Growing up in the company of brother Isaiah and sister Melody, Destiny Chukunyere formed a circle of her own interests. At the age of 9, the athlete’s daughter decided that she wanted to climb the musical Olympus.

Staying at the comprehensive secondary school in the city of Hamrun contributed to the development of her natural talents. In 2014, Destiny Chukunyere took part in the national singing competition called Festival Kanzunetta Indipendenza and won 3rd place with the original song Festa t’Ilwien.

Success contributed to the beginning of a full-fledged professional creative career. The Malta native became the star of the international children’s festival Asterisks in Macedonia and the winner of the Grand Prix of the Italian SanRemo Junior.


In the summer of 2015, Destiny Chukunyere introduced Aretha Franklin ‘s song Think to the repertoire and reached the final of the national selection round for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015, which was held at the Mediterranean Convention Center in Valletta. Beating the competition, she got a chance to represent the Republic of Malta at the pop song contest, which started in Sofia in November.

For the final concert, Destiny Chukunyere prepared a spectacular number. The audience was delighted with the song Not My Soul, written by Maltese musicians Muxu and Elton Zarb. The young participant became the winner of the international competition with a score of 185 points.

A year later, Destiny Chukunyere and members of her team were awarded the Midalja għall-Qadi tar-Repubblika medals for services to Malta. The happy performer once again rejoiced that music became her destiny as a child, and applied to participate in the European show Britain’s Got Talent.

By re-performing Think in front of the audience and the jury, the resident of the island nation earned the approval of the famous music critic and TV presenter Simon Cowell, as well as the world-famous opera tenor Joseph Calleh. In the status of a favorite, Destiny entered the stage of live performances, but did not go beyond the semi-finals of the 11th season.

In 2019, Destiny Chukunyere performed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. This time she took the stage as a backing vocalist for the Maltese singer Michela Pace, presenting the pop composition Chameleon written by Borislav Milanov, Joakim Persson, Johan Alkenas and Paula Winger.

According to the results of the competition, the company took 14th place, losing to the Dutch, Italians, Russians and representatives of other nationalities.

Having acquired another portion of valuable experience in the international arena, the young singer decided to strengthen her popularity in her homeland. Winning the local version of the TV show X-Factor Malta in 2020 was clearly destined.

On the project, Destiny Chukunyere got into the team of a pop diva named Ira Losco. With the help of a talented mentor, Destiny went through all the stages and was honored to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in the Netherlands.

Personal life

Outsiders do not know anything about the personal life of Destiny Chukunyere. Photos of intimate moments are not published on her Instagram account, other social networks or media. Some publications report that the girl does not have a husband or an official admirer now, so she is quietly engaged in creativity.

Destiny Chukunyere now

Since the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the girl was included in the list of contestants for 2021.

In the spring, on streaming services and the official YouTube channel of the event, Chukunyere presented the fruit of the creation of Swedish poets and composers – the song Je me casse. The singer was seriously preparing for live performances in front of a huge number of people who had to appreciate the beauty of the track, which tells how a modern woman with a strong character says goodbye to a guy.


  • 2014 – Festa t’Ilwien
  • 2015 – Not My Soul
  • 2016 – Embrace
  • 2016 Fast Life (Ladidadi)
  • 2020 – All of My Love
  • 2021 – Je me casse

Interesting Facts about Destiny Chukunyere

  • With a height of 160 cm, Destiny Chukunyere weighs 75 kg.
  • The idol of the Maltese performer is the American pop star Aretha Franklin.
  • In the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, postponed to the spring of 2021, Chukunyere passed thanks to the brilliant performance of the song All Of My Love.
  • In addition to the songs with which the performer won competitions, the repertoire of a resident of the island state includes popular compositions Embrace and Fast Life (Ladidadi).