Designed “houses of the future” for life in the middle of the ocean. Who needs them?


Where will you live if global warming causes a global flood? On Earth, there will be almost no pieces of land available, so all that will be left for people is to survive in the middle of a huge ocean. Perhaps some families will live inside the “houses of the future” designed by Ocean Builders. They are futuristic capsules that rise 2.5 meters above the water and are equipped with technologies that allow you to live without leaving the comfort of your home.

In terms of price, they are comparable to two-room apartments in popular cities in Europe. It sounds intriguing, especially since the first habitation capsules will be sold to everyone by the end of 2023. Let’s find out more about them – maybe in the future we will be doomed to live in such houses?

House by the ocean – is it no longer in fashion?

Ocean Builders, which is based in the Republic of Panama, has set itself the goal of developing comfortable homes not on the ocean, but right in the water. The project has already been created and the company is ready to start building residential structures – in order to attract attention, the company shared images of structures and information about their features.

Exterior view of Ocean Builders Habitable Pods

Since storms often occur in water areas, habitation capsules will be installed on “legs” about 2.5 meters high. The total area of ​​​​the premises will be 77 square meters: inside each capsule there is a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a large storage room for things. Panoramic windows occupy an area of ​​53 square meters – they, together with a balcony, provide a beautiful view of the ocean. The design of the “houses of the future” was invented by the Dutch architect Koen Olthuis.

Ocean Builders capsules can also be installed on land

In total, the company plans to provide buyers with three models of residential premises to choose from:

  • SeaPod – for life above water;
  • GreenPod – for life above land;
  • EcoPod is for those who want to stop harming the environment.

It turns out that cooperating with Ocean Builders, a person does not oblige himself to survive in the middle of the ocean. If he wants to live alone with nature, this can be done on land, but the house will still be on a hill. The EcoPod variant is most likely built from environmentally friendly materials and uses “green” energy from solar panels or wind turbines – there is no exact data on this.

What will the houses of the future look like?

As befits all “homes of the future”, Ocean Builders’ homes will be fully packed with all sorts of electronics. Each owner of the house will be able to put a ring on his finger and control the light, water, air conditioning, music player and all other home equipment with a wave of his hand.

Appliances in the house can be controlled by gestures

Support for delivery services using drones deserves special attention – people will not need to leave their homes to buy food and medicine. For larger items like furniture, it is planned to use large drones. An autonomous aircraft will also be used for garbage collection, but different from the rest.

Drones are planned to be used to deliver groceries and other things

Judging by the images, the capsules will be combined into groups – these will be a kind of neighborhoods. It looks nice, but in this case, the presence of huge windows is a little alarming. Indeed, in this case, residents will be able to see what other families are doing – this is a direct threat to privacy. However, no one bothers to hang thick curtains, which the inhabitants of the capsules will probably do.

It looks like Ocean Builders is planning to build entire neighborhoods.

The cost of the houses of the future

Houses for living in the middle of the ocean will cost from 295 thousand to 1.5 million dollars. The price will directly depend on the model of the structure, interior decoration and the availability of certain technologies. According to Ocean Builders, the first 100 home buyers of the future will appear by the end of 2023. A year later, the company plans to build another thousand of these facilities. At first, the capsules for life above water will be available only in Panama, and in other countries they will appear later.

Ocean Builders capsules will be available only in Panama for the first time

It seems that Ocean Builders houses are a great option for those who are tired of city noise and want to live closer to nature. In addition, this is a good place to escape from possible pandemics and a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. But, knowing human nature, it can already be assumed that the inhabitants of these houses may begin to pollute the oceans even more, for which nature will definitely not thank humanity. What do you think about this? Write in the comments.

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