Delete these Android apps before they steal your passwords and cryptocurrencies


240 dangerous programs found on Google Play

Trend Micro experts said that they found suspicious behavior in more than 200 applications. They have installed Facestealer spyware on hundreds of thousands of Android smartphones.

In addition, experts have found more than 40 fake cryptocurrency mining applications. They tried to steal digital currency from people as well as sensitive information.

PhoneArena recommends urgently uninstalling the following apps if you have them installed:

  • Daily Fitness OL
  • Enjoy Photo Editor
  • panorama camera
  • Photo Gaming Puzzle
  • Swarm Photo
  • Business Meta Manager
  • Cryptomining Farm Your Own Coin

Unfortunately, the experts did not name the remaining 233 applications. The good news is that all seven of these malicious apps, as well as others discovered by experts, have already been removed from the Play Store.

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