David Winner Net Worth & Biography 2022: Wiki, Facts & Awards


David Winner Net Worth

David Winner in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $2 Million.

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Full Biography of David Winner

David Winner managed to get the fame of a sincere, kind and empathetic presenter. Incredible charm, talent as an interviewer and charisma – these qualities contribute to the increasing popularity and demand for the journalist.

Childhood and youth

The person who often demonstrates to viewers the features of the work of ambulance doctors and the police prefers to keep his early biography a secret. And when asked about his place of birth, David Winner in an interview on the YouTube channel Podcast Sixty-Nine named Paris.

David Winner was born on January 19, 1985 in a family of doctors. Parents dreamed that their son would continue the dynasty. Initially, the heir did just that – he studied at a medical university as a neurophysiologist.

Everything was clear in the student’s plans – a quiet life in Jerusalem (Winner is a Jew by nationality), old age surrounded by grandchildren.

But in 2001, everything changed when David Winner got on television. And a year later he became a correspondent for a news program. At the same time, David decided to get a professional education in this area and even graduated from a higher educational institution with a degree in opera theater director.

Having radically changed his life, David Winner subsequently never regretted that he had exchanged medicine for work with a microphone in his hand. And the fans fell in love with the presenter for his ability to report with talent in the most extreme situations.


David Winner in front of the camera, shows the inside of the work of special services – the police, the ambulance, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the traffic police, social shelters.

The idea of ​​the program was not to tell viewers about emergencies. People have always been in the center of the plot – the victims, as well as those who, in spite of fatigue and danger, follow their calling.

For example, while on duty in an ambulance, David Winner, together with paramedics, went to an accident several times, interviewing both the injured party and the perpetrators of the accident.

And after a while, he was already rushing with rescuers to an elderly woman who was diagnosed with a second heart attack. At the end of the program, the man wished the doctors more rest, surprised at the readiness to come to the rescue every minute, even if this is the 10th call in a night.

Over the years of broadcasting, the program has gained a lot of fans. When it became known in the summer of 2020 that David Winner had left the Raid, this news came as a shock to the audience. In the correspondent’s Instagram account, subscribers wrote that without him, the program lost its zest.

The crime journalist did not disappear from the TV channel. After his dismissal, he found a new recognition for himself, becoming a secular observer. Now David Winner began to cover not the difficult everyday life of people called upon by virtue of their profession to come to the aid of those in difficult situations, but the life of glossy heroes.

Vivid events in the world of celebrity – weddings, births of children, divorces, high-profile scandals. The icing on the cake is that the already beloved TV presenter, who changed his role, but remained the same charming, sparkling and inquisitive for details.


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Personal life

David Winner has stated in an interview on Podcast Sixty-Nine that he is asexual. In his youth, instead of running around on dates, he was engaged in self-development, read books and went to museums.

In the puberty period, he realized that he liked the work of classical writers more than teenage experiences associated with feelings for the opposite sex. David still considers the lack of sexual desire an advantage.

“World knowledge is much more interesting than frictional actions”

This quote fully reflects the reason for his conscious asexuality. Studying the natural sciences, the student was confirmed in the decision to exclude marriage from the list of life priorities. However, the journalist does not deny the existence of rare sexual relations. This happens, as he himself put it, “once every five years.”

At the same time, the graduate of a medical university does not even hypothetically consider the presence of a wife or children in the future. The fact is that David Winner is sure that in order to educate heirs, one should initially be a talented teacher.

And the absence of such qualities is a serious reason to think about whether it is worth dooming descendants to an unhappy childhood for the sake of selfish desires.

Instead of the joy of close communication with women, David Winner prefers highly intellectual conversations. In those moments when he wants to get unforgettable emotions, he takes a ticket to New York to “meet the dawn on the Hudson.”

Also, David Winner often comes to his historical homeland – to Israel. As a Jew, David adheres to the traditions of his people. For example, during the period of self-isolation associated with the coronavirus pandemic, He bought not buckwheat or pasta, but matzo.

The correspondent uses his Instagram account as a platform for informing subscribers about his work. There are few personal photos, which once again confirms the short self-presentation of the TV presenter, who described himself as a “criminal journalist” and “social observer”.

David Winner now

On the eve of the new year 2021, David Winner pleased subscribers with another project on the Moscow 24 channel. The name of the program – “Open, David” – already hints at what will happen on the screen.

In the center of the show are again people with a difficult fate, ready to share the details of their profession and biography. And the talented interviewer, being, first of all, a delicate and empathetic person, introduces the audience to the unknown side of the life of one or another show business star.

In the premiere episode of the show, the plot was Agata Muceniece, about whom, after a divorce from Pavel Priluchny, a lot has already been written and said. However, Winner managed to bring the actress to a frank conversation about her personal life.

And also to find out – Agatha did not stop believing in love. But only now I realized that I did not know this feeling at all.

After Priluchny’s ex-wife, David Winner visited rapper Jozzy, bloggers Mary Gu, Xabibka and other media personalities, whose biography raises more and more questions. Some facts from the show became a revelation, but this was the main intention of the program – to show the life of a celebrity without cuts.

Interesting Facts about David Winner

  • In January 2020, David Winner became the winner in the Russian Guard Today nomination, held in the format of the Russian Guard. Relevant.”
  • The leader wears a ring with the seal of Solomon on the middle finger. And the Masonic symbol is applied to the pendant.
  • Cytology became a favorite subject of David Winner. Subsequently, David combined this teaching with religion. And he developed his own theory that God is the charge of cells. That which helps humanity to live, breathe, communicate, feel happy.
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