Cool front camera, unusual color and Always On Display. New details about the iPhone 14


Despite all the problems associated with the production of smartphones and other devices, the release of the iPhone 14 has not yet been postponed, and Apple is dosed, albeit through insiders, giving us more and more details: for example, recently there has been news about what it will look like iPhone 14, what cameras and new features it will have.

Perhaps these are the most interesting insiders about a smartphone in recent times, with the exception that the Face ID notch will finally decrease and turn into an island, albeit only in Pro versions. Let’s talk about how the iPhone 14 will change.

iPhone 14 display

The new iPhone 14 is likely to delight fans of the brand with an updated display: in April it became known that Apple signed a contract with the Chinese company BOE, which will install its modules in the iPhone 14.

The manufacturer received an order for 25% of the total number of displays for the iPhone , so they will be installed only in the original iPhone 14.

The rest of the smartphones will still have displays from Samsung . Like a bolt from the blue, the news of the manipulation of the Chinese brand flew in: they say BOE cheated by changing the design of the panel, as a result of which the contract could be terminated and production would be transferred to Samsung factories.

The smartphone will receive a new camera: it will probably be installed now in the coming years

In any case, this year the new iPhone 14 Pro will have only two cutouts on the screen – for Face ID and the front camera. The second, by the way, will be the flagship – already from the iPhone 15. The camera module will be supplied by LG Innotek and will cost three times what it used to.

They say that the quality of the pictures will become many times better, and autofocus will also appear in it – the function will go to all iPhone 14 models. , we expect that the photos and even the picture during a FaceTime call will become incredibly cool.

The novelty is also credited with the new function Always On Display, which, frankly, we were waiting for in iPhone 13: it will appear only in Pro versions, the displays of which can change the frequency from 10 to 120 Hz using ProMotion technology.

The screens of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be able to lower the frequency to 1 Hz, which will make it possible to implement the long-awaited Always On Display, according to insider Ross Young.

True, the technology is not new (appeared in 2009 in push-button Nokia) and has long been in Android smartphones and even in the Apple Watch.

What the iPhone 14 will look like

By the way, the first renders of the iPhone 14 Pro appeared. You can replace them, so that the display will increase slightly, because of which the smartphone visually “grows up” slightly, which means that cases from the iPhone 13 Pro will not fit.

This is also reported by Ming-Chi Kuo: he claims that the width will decrease to 77.58 mm, as well as the height – to 160.7 mm. At the back there will be an enlarged camera module, among which there will be a new 48-megapixel lens with a larger sensor and the ability to record 8K video – because of this, the iPhone will become thicker .

Have you noticed how the block of cameras has increased?

The new camera module, by the way, stands out more on the 14 Pro case than on the Pro Max. In addition, it is reported that the corners of the case will be slightly rounded: all because of the larger array of cameras in the smartphone.

Otherwise, the changes in the design of the iPhone 14 are minimal: with the naked eye, they cannot be distinguished from the iPhone 13 Pro at all.

Golden iPhone! Long time no see!

If you haven’t been particularly happy with the colors of the iPhone in recent years, then there is good news! The iPhone 14 will be available in unexpected purple, black, gold, and silver.

Apple juggles colors in an interesting way: the purple iPhone 11 was on sale, but the iPhone 12 in this color became an exclusive and came out in a separate edition. By the way, it turned out to be one of the most stylish devices from Apple.

iOS 16 will be responsible for optimizing the operation of the smartphone : it is all hope for it, because the smartphone has not received any serious changes that distinguish it from the previous generation.

Therefore, a new user experience can only be obtained with an updated iOS. What it will be like when it is presented and what else to expect from Apple was told in our article on the upcoming WWDC 2022 conference.

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