Comparison of Samsung’s compact flagship smartphones: S10e vs. S22


The differences between them were very small.

In the release on the DimaViper Live YouTube channel, the expert spoke about the difference between two smartphones of different generations: Samsung Galaxy S10e and S22.

The channel host first noted that the Samsung Galaxy S10e and S22 came out in different years. The first is in 2019, the second is in 2022. Changes in them concern not only technical characteristics, but also a complete set.

In 2019, when buying an S10e, a user could get good branded headphones, a USB Type-C cable, a USB Type-C adapter to a regular USB connector.

Thanks to the latter, it was possible to connect to a smartphone, for example, a USB flash drive. Right now, the kit only comes with a USB Type-C cable.

Despite the fact that the price of the device has grown significantly over the past three years, the amount of memory has remained the same. It’s 128 GB permanent. At the same time, RAM has increased: from 6 GB to 8 GB.

The fingerprint scanner used to be built into the unlock button, but now it’s right in the display.

The devices are made of glass. But if the Galaxy S10e has a glossy one, then the S22 has a matte one. There are also differences in the number of main camera modules. The first has two, while the newer device has three.

In addition, a memory card could be installed on the S10e. On the S22, it is only possible to use two SIM cards at the same time, and the amount of memory cannot be expanded.

Smartphones also differ from each other along the diagonal of the screen. The S10e is 5.8 inches, the S22 is 6.1 inches.

The glass has also become more reliable and durable on the latter, and the refresh rate has increased from 60 Hz on the S10e to 120 Hz on the Galaxy S22.

In terms of performance, the leader is (expectedly) the new Samsung S22. It gets almost 777k points in AnTuTu, while the S10e gets almost 428k.

At the same time, it works quite a bit faster than the S22, although the difference is not felt as significant.

Cameras, as mentioned above, has become more by one. Added to the S22 is a triple optical zoom and a 30x digital zoom, as well as a telephoto lens.

The rear main camera has become 50 MP instead of 12 MP, but the wide-angle one is 12 MP instead of 16 MP.

Photos from a wide-angle lens are processed better on the S22. There have been no changes in terms of detail.

As for the main lens, the pictures are not much better (by 5-10%) in terms of detail on the S22. The same can be said about photos on the front camera.

The battery capacity has also become larger on the S22. If earlier it was 3100 mAh , now it is 3700 mAh . But they both live on average for about one day.

In general, the expert concludes that every year it becomes more and more difficult to see the difference between flagship smartphones.

That is, if a person wants to switch from S10e to S22, then he will not receive anything special. True, the S22 still has an additional camera, better zoom, more powerful processor.