Common diseases that every modern person has


In the international classification of diseases, there are 20 thousand diseases, but this is far from the most accurate number. Every ten years, the list is reviewed by WHO experts and sometimes it turns out that a disease that was considered an independent disease is just one form of a certain disease.

Fortunately, in the 21st century, the number of incurable health problems is rapidly declining. But there are diseases that almost every person has and haunts them throughout life – again, fortunately, their course can be controlled with drugs and medical therapies.

And sometimes they are, but do not cause people any particular problems. Try to guess what diseases we are talking about now?

Allergic reactions

How many people in the world suffer from allergies is very difficult to say – the sources always give different information. But there is reason to believe that all people without exception have it. The fact is that almost any substance can be the causative agent of an allergy. If a person has never had a cough, runny nose, itching and other signs of an allergic reaction, it means that he simply did not meet “his” allergen on his life path.

You may also have allergies, you just haven’t met your allergen yet.

Allergies have been known to people since time immemorial and still complicate the lives of millions of men and women. Several centuries ago, doctors could not understand why people felt worse during the flowering of plants and this phenomenon was simply called “vegetable fever.”

It is believed that the Egyptian pharaoh Menes in 2641 BC died from a wasp sting – perhaps he also had an allergy and suffered anaphylactic shock. And thousands of years later, the Roman philosopher Lucretius rightly remarked: “What is food for one is poison for another.”

A person can be allergic even to meat .

Bone deformity

Due to sedentary work, wearing heavy backpacks, and so on, a large load is placed on a person’s back. To maintain an even posture, people leading a healthy lifestyle have to make great efforts. Try to straighten up and very soon you will suddenly find yourself completely relaxed again and sitting hunched over.

Few people manage to do yoga every day and consciously maintain a straight back, and even in this case, bone deformation can sometimes not be avoided. It turns out that bone deformity is another problem that every person has to some extent.

Very few people can keep an even posture

Stomach problems

In the modern world, the temptation to eat fast food is very great – you can have a bite to eat right on the way to work. Everyone is already well aware of its harmfulness, because as a result of scientific work it has been proven that a huge amount of fat, sugar and salt leads to obesity and even causes irreparable damage to the brain.

In addition, the diet of a huge number of people today includes various sausages, sweet soda and low-fat foods – all of them are so dangerous that they cause serious illness and can even lead to death.

Therefore, it is not surprising that almost all people have problems with the digestive system. It is impossible to say exactly which disease prevails. Most likely, this is gastritis – inflammation of the stomach lining.

Do you know where the first fast food in history appeared?

Mental disorders

What exactly the vast majority of people on Earth have is mental illness. Even if you think that everything is fine with you, most likely, the diseases simply do not manifest themselves very much.

Everyone goes through stressful events and, if you do not turn to a specialist in time, stress can lead to more serious diseases like depression. Improper sleep, lack of appetite, high irritability – these are the most obvious symptoms that something is wrong with the psyche (or other body systems).

Are you sure you don’t have mental problems?

Do you agree that there is not a single completely healthy person in the world? Which of the mentioned diseases do you have? Let’s talk about it in the comments or in our special place.

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