Combat robots taught to swim


Skynet not too far now

The Vision 60 four-legged robot from Ghost Robotics is already quite versatile, able to walk, run and even carry weapons. Now, thanks to a third-party nozzle, it can swim.

In its basic form, the Vision 60 is capable of moving over uneven terrain, reaching speeds of up to 3 meters per second, carrying a payload of up to 10 kg, and operating for three hours on a single charge.

Now, thanks to the Onyx Industries Nautical Autonomous Unmanned Tail (NAUT) module, which is attached to the back of the robot, the robotic dog is able to reach speeds of up to 3 knots (5.6 km / h) in water.

NAUT works autonomously or by remote control. The robot keeps its legs tucked up to improve hydrodynamics while moving through the water.

Power is supplied either from the robot’s battery or from NAUT’s own battery – in the latter case, the claimed operating time is more than 30 minutes.

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