Classic Apple: iPhone 15 will receive a special chip to limit “non-native” Type-C cables


Iphone 15

The EU authorities have ordered Apple to switch from the Lightning connector to standard USB Type-C. This is a big blow to the “apple” company, which is used to closing all the equipment within its own ecosystem and selling branded chargers for a high price. However, even after losing all the court cases, Apple found a way to outwit the authorities and prevent them from charging their gadgets with anything.


Here are some photos courtesy of insider Majin Boo showing the internals of the upcoming iPhone 15. Particular attention should be paid to Apple’s mysterious 3LD3 chip. The insider suggests that it will be used to encrypt data transmission, as well as to limit the charging power.

On the basis of what he saw, a completely harmonious theory emerges. Apple is required to install a standard Type-C connector on smartphones, but nothing prevents it from being limited. Make it so that data transfer and charging through certified cables from the manufacturer is faster, and through all the others – slower.

Such a technical feature in fact will not leave people a choice. Few people voluntarily want their iPhone to charge longer than it should. Therefore, a cheap alternative to branded chargers will not be so attractive. Whether this theory turns out to be true, we will find out along with the release of the iPhone 15 in September.