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Ciryl Gane Net Worth

Ciryl Gane in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $2 Million.

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Full Biography of Ciryl Gane

Ciryl Gane is a heavyweight UFC fighter. Over the years of his career, the athlete from France has proven himself in Muay Thai and kickboxing competitions. In mixed martial arts, his achievement is the TKO champion title, twice confirmed. Skill, tactical thinking and professionalism in conducting duels were reflected in the ratio of defeats and victories.

Childhood and youth

The biography of Ciryl Gane began in the French city of La Roche-sur-Yon in April 1990. It is known about the athlete’s family that his father was from Guadeloupe. As a young man, Ciryl Gane moved to Europe and became a footballer.

The West Indies native played in the regional league club. After completing his career, the man became a bus driver. From that moment on, his passion for sports was limited to watching thematic programs.

Ciryl Gane showed interest in various sports in childhood. Following the example of a parent, he was a member of the school football team. Also among his hobbies were martial arts and basketball.

After graduating from a general education institution, Ciryl Gane did not think to focus on training and participating in any competitions. In his youth, he studied classical disciplines at the Edouard Branly City Business School. This brought the Brevet de technicien supérieur diploma in sales.

Independent life began in Paris with work in a furniture store. In his free time, together with a childhood friend, Ciryl went to the gym, where there was a section of Thai boxing. In the mid-2010s, physical condition allowed him to enter tournaments held in France. The first serious goal was the title of national champion.

mixed martial arts

Realizing that performing in the ring brings pleasure and income, Ciryl Gane began looking for a qualified mentor. In the second half of the 2010s, he met the founder of the MMA Factory club, Fernando Lopez.

Training under the guidance of a former fighter bore fruit very soon. At the La Nuit Des Titans kickboxing competition, Bryce Guidon, the owner of killer blows, could not resist the onslaught of the Frenchman.

A significant victory brought Ciryl Gane a portion of laudatory reviews in the sports press and friendship with the coach. Gane had outstanding results and won the AFMT Muaythai Heavyweight National Championship twice.

In 2017, Lopez advised the student to switch to mixed martial arts. The native of La Roche-sur-Yon listened and began to prepare for his debut in MMA.

The transition went smoothly, because at the time of the decision, the head of the TKO organization was looking for a heavyweight fighter. With a height of 195 cm and a weight of 120 kg, Ciryl Gane turned out to be an ideal candidate.

The demonstration of skills took place in August 2018 in a duel with knockout master Bobby Sullivan. The newcomer used a submission – guillotine choke and immediately won the title of TKO champion.

The resounding success gave rise to a desire to move on. The new target was the tournaments of American promoters from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

While waiting for the signing of the contract, Ciryl Gane fought Adam Dichka and Rogers Souza and defended his honorary title twice. In 2019, it became obvious that the fighter is ready to debut in the UFC.

At the end of the summer of 2019, Ciryl Gane was released against the Brazilian Rafael Pessoa, who was famous for his lack of defeats. The Frenchman, who had recently mastered the techniques of wrestling on the ground, showed everything he was capable of and surpassed his opponent. The result, unexpected for many, strengthened the fighting spirit.

Ciryl Gane

Ciryl Gan and Alexander Volkov

He came in handy a couple of months later against Don Tal Mays in Singapore at UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. Askren. Submission – twisting the heel – performed by the Frenchman was considered something out of the ordinary. The author of the painful hold won the “Performance of the Evening” award and received a cash prize.

From that moment on, Ciryl Gane was talked about as one of the brightest heavyweight fighters. A 5-0 record set within a year was touted in dozens of feature articles.

The promoters of the UFC, who rarely missed their own profit, initiated a meeting of the French nugget with an opponent with similar potential. As a result, thousands of people made bets on Gan’s victory in the fight with Tanner Bozer.

After the triumph, Ciryl Gane remained out of work for a long time. In 2020, the organization was looking for rivals among representatives of different nationalities and, as a result, announced fights, first with Sergey Pavlovich, and then with Shamil Abdurahimov.

The long-awaited matches for various reasons did not take place, and the fans experienced a feeling of disappointment. As a replacement, the Frenchman was offered Junior dos Santos, the thrower of incredible punches, who won the UFC champion title in 2011.

Cyril Gan and Junior dos Santos

Ciryl Gan and Junior dos Santos / @ciryl_gane and @juniorcigano

The student of Fernando Lopez surpassed the eminent Brazilian, chalked up a technical knockout, and moved on. The athlete began 2021 with superiority over a Thai boxing master from Suriname named Jairzinho Rozenstruik.

During this period, a title fight appeared on the list of goals. Entering the ring in the status of a candidate for the heavyweight belt was preceded by a victory over Russian Alexander Volkov. Center bout of UFC Fight Night: Gan vs. Volkov took place in the USA.

A 10-0 record and increased popularity saw Ciryl Gane enter the fight for the heavyweight crown. The title of interim UFC champion was won in a battle with Derrick Lewis at the UFC 265 tournament.


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Personal life

Little is known about Gan’s personal life. He has a wife who gave birth to two healthy daughters. Among the athlete’s hobbies are mountain climbing and expensive cars collection, as well as traveling the world in the company of loved ones.

Ciryl Gun now

In early 2022, Ciryl fought Francis Ngannou for the Ultimate Fighting Championship Heavyweight Championship. Over the course of five rounds, the initiative changed hands. In the end, Gane lost by unanimous decision. The athlete took the first defeat in his career hard.

Over time, the Frenchman pulled himself together and said that he did not intend to part with the dream of a belt. During the announced break, the mentor added training in the best California gyms to the schedule. Now the fans are looking forward to new entries in the ring.

Ciryl Gane Achievements

  • 2018 – TKO Heavyweight Championship
  • 2018-2019 – TKO Heavyweight Championship defense
  • 2019 Performance of the Night (vs. Don Tal Mace)
  • 2019 – Latest Submission in UFC Heavyweight History (vs. Don Tal Mays)
  • 2021 – Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship
  • 2021 Performance of the Night (vs. Derrick Lewis)

Interesting Facts about Ciryl Gane

  1. In the future, Ciryl Gane sees himself not only in mixed martial arts, but also in boxing.
  2. Ciryl is nicknamed Bon Gamin (“good guy”) and has a matching tattoo.
  3. Gane loves to connect with fans through his social media pages. He posts photos and videos from workouts, as well as pictures in the company of friends.
  4. At the stage of becoming a sparring partner of the Frenchman was the eminent fighter Francis Ngannou.
  5. In an interview, Gane said that he intends to star in a Colombian-made film.
  6. It is believed that Gane resembles boxer Anthony Joshua.
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