Chris Rock Speaks Out After Will Smith Oscars Night Slap


Chris rock is speaking out following his altercation with Will Smith at the Oscars. The comedian took the stage at a sold out stand up show in Boston on Wednesday night. Three days after the King Richard star slapped him across the face at the award show.

According to an audio clip by variety, Chris alluded to the incident when he greeted the crowd. He quickly asked them “how was your weekend?” He then said that he wouldn’t be going into depth about what happened just yet saying:

I don’t have a bunch of sh*t about what happened so if you came to hear that, I have a whole show a wrote before the weekend.

Chris ensured that the incident was still fresh, and plan to talk about it in the future saying:

I’m still kind of processing what happened so at some point I’ll talk about that sh*t and it will be serious and funny.

The Academy decision on the Chris Rock incident

This comes hours after the academy announced that they had already begun disciplinary proceedings following will’s violations of the organization’s standards of conduct. The disciplinary action may be taken at their next board meeting in April.

The academy statement read in part:

Mr Smith’s actions of the 94th Oscars were deeply shocking traumatic event to witness in person and on television. Mr Rock, we apologize to you for what you experienced on our stage, and thank you for your resilience in that moment. We also apologized to our nominees, guests and viewers for what transpired during what should have been a celebratory event.

The statement continued:

Things unfolded in a way we could not have anticipated, while we would like to clarify that Mister Smith was asked to leave the ceremony and refuse. We also recognize we could have handled the situation differently.

Will Smith slap Chris Rock during Sunday night’s broadcast, after the comedian made a joke about the hair of his wife – Jada Smith who has alopecia. Will apologized to the academy during his Best Actor acceptance speech. He then released a statement on instagram apologizing to Chris Rock the following day.

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