Chris Reed – Prophetic Word for 2022


Finally, The popular Man of God “Chris Reed” is here with powerful Prophetic Word from God for year 2022.

Without argument, we all know that men of God always come through with predictions for each year. Of which, some of it might turn out to become reality while others don’t.

Chris Reed - Prophetic Word for 2022

From this article, I will take you through the highlight of the prediction for 2022 by pastor Chris.

What is Prophetic Word

A prophecy is a message that is claimed by a person (typically a prophet) to have been communicated to them by a deity (God).

Such messages usually involve inspiration, interpretation of dreams, or revelation of divine will (divine knowledge) concerning the prophet’s contemporary world and/ or a preternatural knowledge of events to come in the future.

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Welcome back!!, You can now go through Chris Reed’s prophesy below

Positive Prophetic Word for 2022 by Chris Reed

  1. I saw a great move of God that will begin in the nation of Brazil. The nation will achieve a significant sport achievement victory. It will be a unique one and it will propel the revival.
  2. Donald Trump will begin His political campaign underground
  3. A powerful African American woman will rise up as a conservative and achieve a lot for the nation
  4. I also saw a rise of women in Political leadership around the world. A woman will emerge in British politics this year who will replace a current politician.
  5. A black woman will arise as a powerful minister of God
  6. Supernatural happening that will be out of Israel and Jerusalem

Negative Prophetic Word for 2022 by Chris Reed that needs prayer

  1. I believe after the spring, Covid is not going to disappear but we will begin to see this thing start to fissile down.
  2. Here is the other thing and I want you to pray into this; I saw another world wide virus break out, Some kind of flue, maybe swine flue, but i can say for sure but I saw this in the form of headlines.
  3. So i’m asking you to pray into that And listen, I hope that this turn out to not be the case but we need to be prepared cause i think COVID was only warming up for the things ahead.
  4. I’m not trying to be negative, I’m just telling you reality
  5. Public mass shooting, a public figure will shot
  6. China will emerge more as bigger world power. They will try to use power on TAIWAN.
  7. Okay, I saw this too; Joe Biden will not finish His first term. and I think it’s due to health issue.
  8. We’re gonna continue to see the competition between China and Russian space race
  9. Division between Eastern and Western fraction and keep your eyes on Poland
  10. Strange religious group will rise up

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